Frampus “FRiends on cAMPUS” Announces Release of New Social Media Site, Designed Specifically for College Students gives new and existing college students a new way to easily meet other students with similar interests, seek out study groups or just chat about that upcoming midterm.

Philadelphia, PA, February 26, 2018 --( Frampus, LLC, a localized social community start-up, announces the release of the new social media site, which is specifically designed to address the college student and alumni community left behind by previous social media sites. offers college students and alumni a social media site specific to their current college or their Alma mater, and currently hosts the Forbes 2017 top 500 colleges in the United States.

Benjamin Philips, Founder and President of Frampus, LLC, said, "There is an entire college student and alumni community that was left behind when large corporate social networking sites went global. People are clamoring for something new and we believe this is exactly what students want." Philips came up with the idea for over 10 years ago while he was working on a separate but similar venture called Flirting in Traffic, but the timing was not right for release until now.

When users register on, they complete a quick profile, upload a current picture and can optionally receive in the mail a durable, bright, eye-catching Frampus ID tag. By including this Frampus ID on their profile and by displaying the bright yellow and black Frampus ID tag as an accessory on their book bag or purse, Frampus users are now searchable and can securely meet people on their own campuses in real-time, in real-life, and online. Philips states, "You already know what the person looks like because you've seen them in real life on campus. The online photo provides additional recall. It is for all people who want to meet other people after they've made contact somewhere in everyday life."

Although it is expected that student membership will routinely change as new students come in and existing students graduate, the interaction does not need to end there. Alumni are encouraged to remain members and are an excellent resource to offer new members in their college communities’ encouragement and helpful tips. "Our target is to have at least 1000 members from each of the top 500 colleges by the end of the academic year, but we don’t want to stop there," said Philips. " is constantly evolving so register now and check back often."

To celebrate their grand opening, Frampus will be giving out free Frampus ID tags and other merchandise at Hagan Arena, LaSalle vs St. Joseph’s NCAA men's basketball in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday March 3rd from 1pm until 4pm; Saint Joseph's University; 54th and Overbrook; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131

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