Jammber Announces New Private Beta for Its Entertainment Project Management Platform "Bridge"

Focuses on providing concierge customer service to record label administration and production managers.

Chicago, IL, February 22, 2018 --(PR.com)-- This week, Jammber launched a new private beta of its web-based entertainment project management platform Bridge.

Bridge’s powerful tools are designed specifically for those behind the music who handle administration and help with the music production process. It allows creatives to manage their projects and sessions and digitally sign off on paperwork without interfering with the vibe of creating.

The focus of the new private beta is to make it more exclusive and tailored to record label administration and production managers. The product has already been launched for two years for any client to sign up for and use. Now, potential clients will take a short survey to ensure they will experience the full range of benefits Bridge has to offer and will be sent an exclusive invite code based on the assessment.

“We want to focus on providing the highest service,” says Director of Client Experience & Success Rachel Knepp. “Making Bridge more exclusive allows us to spend a significant amount of time with each and every client during onboarding so they have the most outstanding experience.”

By providing a more hands-on onboarding experience, Jammber team members can get real-time feedback from clients and make changes to the product based on what would be most helpful. The end result is a platform tailored to the needs of those who will benefit most from it.

“We want our clients to drive our success and control how we scale up,” says Knepp. “It doesn’t matter how popular or successful Bridge is if we’re not building the best possible project management solution for them."

To learn more about Jammber or request an invite code, visit jammber.com.

About Jammber

Jammber’s mission is to enrich the lives of people in the entertainment industry by providing awesome tools that enhance and streamline the creative process. Jammber places itself at the intersection of commerce and data by providing an online platform that optimizes the team projects, paperwork and payment aspects of the business in the entertainment industry. For more information, contact Kate Brazier at press@jammber.com.
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