DreamCloud Psychiatry Launches Holistic Mental Health

A startup medical practice in Miami Beach called DreamCloud Psychiatry is changing the delivery of psychiatric care for today's generation.

Miami Beach, FL, February 23, 2018 --(PR.com)-- DreamCloud Psychiatry, a start-up medical practice based in Miami Beach, Florida, is leading the way by launching a holistic initiative which puts physical health and wellness at the forefront of mental health treatment. Partnering with local and regional experts in diet and exercise, DreamCloud Psychiatry will offer its patients exclusive access to services intended to boost their mental health treatment and promote total health.

DreamCloud Psychiatry was developed by 34 year-old entrepreneur Chris Lee, a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner who uses telemedicine appointments, aptly called “cloud visits,” to deliver primary psychiatric care to patients throughout the state. With offices in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, DreamCloud Psychiatry offers patients numerous advantages over the traditional doctor visit.

“As a nurse practitioner I am interested in the patient as a whole. I look at factors like a person’s diet, sleep, and physical activity to identify barriers to treatment and opportunities for learning,” he says. “It’s not enough to see a psychiatric provider that just prescribes medication. You have to eat right, exercise, and then have somebody that will hold you to it, if you want to see real results.”

Lee, a graduate of New York University, met with many different providers to find others with the same vision and progressive approach. He found Sondra Braude, a registered dietician and mental health specialist trained in psychology, behavioral therapy, substance use, and mental illness. Braude draws from her expertise in mental health to develop meal plans that nourish the brain. “I don’t focus on calories or numbers,” says Braude. “It’s about achieving a healthy, balanced relationship with food, exercise, the mind and the body.”

Lee also met with personal trainer Gabriele “Gabo” Saturno, an elite calisthenics and yoga expert who uses mindfulness and meditation to create workouts for both the mind and body. His work has been featured on film and video and he believes that “Mental health not only enables us to build an outstanding physique, but also compels our body to perform in ways that we never thought possible.” Saturno has over 85k followers on Instagram.

With two industry experts to help him develop holistic treatment plans for his psychiatric patients, Chris Lee sought the help of Mike Ellerman, an advisor at Equinox Gym in Miami Beach, to offer gym passes to his local patients at DreamCloud Psychiatry. “I think patients will really like having alternatives to medication, and showing them that we see their health from every perspective lets them know that we’re different than the usual psychiatrist.”

DreamCloud Psychiatry does not endorse any outside provider or business, but draws from the expertise and help of others to give patients as many resources in their community as possible, so that they can learn to make healthier choices that may complement their psychiatric care. DreamCloud Psychiatry plans to continue networking locally and expanding to other areas to give patients tangible options when suggesting that eating right and working out are an important part of treatment.

The South Florida-based practice offers psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, medication management, and psychotherapy in-person and online.

“Our patients are mostly younger professionals who live fast-paced lives and really care about their mental health. They want to stay connected via social media and they use cloud visits to save time and to make sure they get to follow up,” says Chris Lee. “Patients are smarter and are looking for organic foods, new diets, and better ways of living. Mental health is more than just a medical practice; it’s a lifestyle.”

DreamCloud Psychiatry’s holistic initiative will be called “#dreamlife.”
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