New Devices Available at Phidgets Inc.

Motor controllers, sensors, LCD screen and encoder among new products released by Phidgets.

Calgary, Canada, February 23, 2018 --( Phidgets Inc. is excited to unveil their next wave of devices that give users convenient and accessible sensors and controllers for prototyping, education and automation. The new arrivals include a DC motor controller, a stepper motor controller, a graphic LCD screen, an infrared distance sensor, a DC current sensor, and a quadrature encoder.

The motor controllers are a step in a different direction for Phidgets, focusing on compactness and affordability. The 2A DC Motor Phidget and 2.5A Stepper Phidget provide motor control in a small, enclosed form factor that’s easy to mount to a surface. The infrared distance sensor uses time-of-flight technology to measure the distance of the object it’s pointing at in a simple and reliable way. The Graphic LCD Phidget gives you a 128x64 pixel screen with a built-in backlight that will allow you to print out information or simple images to aid in user communication. The 30A DC Current sensor is a simple hall-effect current sensor that can be wired in series with a system to measure the current flowing through it. All five of these devices use the Phidgets VINT protocol, which is driving the shift to modular, low cost systems. Last but not least, Phidgets has also made a low-cost quadrature encoder, bringing closed-loop control to your motor systems for only $10 USD.

This is the second major product release at Phidgets Inc. this year, with still more products planned for later in the year. Certainly, Phidgets’ customers will continue finding interesting applications for these new Phidgets in the months to come.

About Phidgets
Phidgets, Inc. is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of low-cost control and sensing modules that make it easy to connect technology to the real world. We value making well-engineered products, but keeping costs low so that Phidgets can work reliably in hobby and industrial applications alike.

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