MarketCurrents Releases Part 2 of Its Artificial Intelligence Series

New York, NY, February 27, 2018 --( MarketCurrents Wealth Management, a leading private wealth business information specialist, released the 2nd part of its AI series this week.

Part 1 observed how an AI revolution is underway that will greatly affect our professional and personal lives.

Part 2 reviews the attributes of human intelligence, enquires to what extent our current technology can replicate it in machines, and indicates some of the barriers to progress. These aspects are of intrinsic interest. In considering them, it is apparent that, for the foreseeable future, humans will continue to supervise economic activity, but at an increasingly creative level.

The next article, Part 3, will focus on how AI will impact family offices.

These series will be published during the next few months. They can be accessed through the website on
Ila Ferra