Dissertation Editing – Critical Aspects of Dissertation Process Finally Revealed

Some might find dissertation to be rewarding while some may find it utterly dreadful. Oeinet has stepped forward to reveal critical aspects in dissertation editing.

Bradenton, FL, March 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Some might find dissertation to be rewarding while some may find it utterly dreadful. Oeinet has stepped forward to reveal critical aspects in dissertation editing.

Overcome The Psychological Barrier

The greatest psychological challenge to writing a dissertation is that it requires one to claim as an expert. When writing a thesis, one needs to see oneself as an expert ready to take the place among the other experts and authorities in the respective field. This claim to be an expert in a particular area is a psychological leap that most of our educational experiences don't prepare us to take. "When were you ever regarded as an expert on anything as a student?"

This is the real secret of success behind a successful dissertation. A student's success is no longer measured by the ability to learn the right answers. Instead the success comes from the ability to ask new questions and provide new answers as an expert.

In reality, the entire education process can be summarized by the phrase: "Learn the right answers." The right answers were defined by the "experts" - lecturers, author of those academic materials and thse that grade the exams, essays and papers.

How Long Should A Good Dissertation Take?

Most of the time academics confuse time with quality. When a project takes a long time, it’s almost always believed to be more valuable than one completed more quickly. While this is common belief, it is incorrect.

Most dissertations can be completed in a year or less, with two exceptions. The first is when the study requires data collection or longitudinal research over a long period of time. For example, if the research design requires observation over a two year period, one won’t be able to complete the dissertation in a year or less.

The second is if one do not work consistently on their dissertation. Likewise, one can not expect to work on the dissertation in a random manner and expect to finish quickly.

Importance Of A Good Relationship With Dissertation Advisor

Working well with dissertation advisor is an important aspect of a successful dissertation process. The more a student and his/her advisor respect each other and work well together, the better and easier the dissertation process will be.

A good advisor will support a student to grow as a scholar, while helping him/her to navigate the dissertation process so as to complete it easily. However poor advisory relationships are created when there is a difference in level of emotional match between advisor and advisee.

The lack of this emotional match may have great impact on the dissertation process and success. Common problems that might show up are:

• When one need reassurance from the advisor but he/she doesn’t return the phone calls or not being constructive as would expect
• Feel stressed and worried about what the advisor impression of oneself during the last meeting, which didn’t turn out well
• The fear and relationship tension impact the capacity to actually get the work done.

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