Datami Delivers 1 PetaByte of Free Data as Mission to Provide "Mobile Data for Everyone" Gains Momentum

Remarkable milestone, reached only 18 months after launch, demonstrates the increasingly widespread adoption of sponsored data services among the world's leading brands.

Boston, MA, February 28, 2018 --( More than 1 PetaByte of free data has been provided to over 50 million mobile subscribers worldwide through brand-sponsored data campaigns delivered by mobile engagement leader Datami, the company has announced.

Sponsored data allows brands to pay for mobile data consumed by customers’ use of their native apps, services and content. This means that consumers can use more of the apps and services they love without a change to the user experience and most importantly without fear or concern about using their mobile data packages.

Hundreds of millions of consumers around the world run out of mobile data each month. For example, 40% of mobile subscribers in Brazil or approximately 80 Million people run out each month. Datami’s mission is to ensure all mobile users have as much data as they need by creating countless opportunities for brands to give consumers more of this highly valued resource with the expectation of continued engagement.

The company is making great progress in its mission. The landmark figure announced today — 1PB of mobile data is equivalent to more than 13 years’ of continuously streamed HD-TV video — reflects the increasingly rapid adoption of sponsored data as a consumer engagement mechanism by leading global brands.

While millions of consumers have benefited from sponsored data, more than 55 brands using Datami’s solutions have seen increased daily active usage, higher conversions, improved loyalty – and in many cases, a competitive edge.

“Mobile data should be available to everyone and brand sponsored data is a highly effective way of making that happen,” said Harjot Saluja, Datami CEO. “We’re eliminating the economic friction that can prevent consumers using mobile services by enabling a truly free app experience. And we’re driving participation from the brands by making Sponsored Data more targeted, more strategic – more on a par with Facebook and Google in delivering precise access to users and real-time targeted messaging capabilities.”

The dramatic acceleration in Datami-delivered campaigns — it took one year to engage the first 25 million users but only six months to engage the second — has been enabled by the unique reach of the company’s mobile operator partnerships. Datami has partnered with operators (including many group-wide operator partnerships such as Telefónica, Orange and Airtel) across five continents, giving brands a sponsored data market that numbers over 1.8 billion consumers today and continues to grow rapidly.

Datami typically partners with every operator in a particular country (i.e. VIVO, Claro, Oi and TIM in Brazil) in order to simplify the offer for the brand to reach all their mobile customers. Similarly, the Datami platform is available to work with any brand in that particular country. Some leading brands using the Datami platform include Santander (Banking & Education), Magazine Luíza (e-commerce), Natura (Direct Sales) and Coca-Cola (Music Streaming) while some highly innovative up-and-coming brands include Mira Aula (Education), MeraNet (Free Browser) and Rapiddo (Mobile Marketplace & Top-ups).

“There is a unique balance of interests that we’ve struck here – allowing our operator partners to more effectively monetize their network and scale their mobile advertising business, empowering brands to enhance mobile engagement rates and build stronger customer loyalty and enabling mobile users to access their favorite content and services without concern over the cost of network usage,” Saluja said. “It’s a testament to how integrated the mobile ecosystem has become and a foretelling of where we’re headed.”

About Datami
Datami is redefining how brands and companies engage with consumers over mobile. The Datami mobile engagement platform has successfully enabled brands to offer high-value mobile data to a worldwide consumer audience in exchange for deeper engagement and driving desired behavior, while allowing operators to optimize their network capacity to create new revenue streams. By combining real-time customer data from operators and brands with an unparalleled range of network-aware mobile engagement solutions, the Datami platform greatly expands the reach and achieves an unprecedented level of mobile engagement. Trusted by 1.8B+ mobile customers across Verizon, Telefónica (Movistar/VIVO/O2), Orange Group, Airtel Group, Telkomsel, Claro, Tigo, Oi, TIM, MTN, AT&T and more, Datami is commercially available in more than 20 countries across 5 continents.
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