Dreamachine Productions Announces That Their Feature Film "Proving Ground" is Now Closer to Pre-Production Status

Los Angeles, CA, February 28, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Dreamachine Productions announces their Producer, Line-Producer, and Director staff on their feature film "Proving Ground."

Dreamachine Productions is proud to announce that their feature film "Proving Ground" is in active development heading even further towards pre-production.

Veteran Producer Robert Amico has recently come on board as a Co-Executive Producer, to help put all the elements together.

Veteran Director Joel Bender ("Karla") will be at the helm, Directing the film, and bringing with him his vision of the screenplay.

Newly attached Line Producer Shadow Dragu-Mihai has recently come on board to help the production all the way threw.

"Proving Ground" is a study in human behavior, under the most grueling of situations. When 8 people wake up in a cement room, with no memory of who they are, they are forced to eliminate each other and play out the game pushed upon them until only one person is left.

Dreamachine Productions was founded by multi-award winning actor and former professional wrestler Dustin Ardine ("Ariadne," "The Red Oak," "Los Angeles Kidnapping") and Isabelo Pascual, an up and coming producer who recently was a producer on the horror comedy feature film "Hellitosis: The Legend Of Stankmouth." Both will serve as Producers on the film.

The script comes from a story by Dustin Ardine, penned by Sami Sonnesso. More announcements to come as this production comes together fully.
Dreamachine Productions
Isabelo Pascual