Yet Another Data Breach Compromises Safety of Thousands of U.S. Service Members

Nashua, NH, March 02, 2018 --( The latest cybersecurity outrage is an announcement on February 28, 2018 of a Major Data Breach at U.S. Marine Forces Reserve Impacting Thousands of Marines, Sailors and civilians.

An unencrypted email with an attachment containing confidential information such as social security numbers, bank and credit card numbers, personal addressees, and the like was sent out to the wrong email distribution list. An email recall procedure left the email and attachment with many unintended recipients.

Just a few years ago, ISIS posted a kill list of 100 U.S. troops based on this type of information.

With the controls implemented in RegDOX’s ITAR and DFARS document storage solution, this cybersecurity breach would not happen.

Contact us if you don’t want it to happen to your data.

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Jessica Stepanek