Apcal Medical Solutions, LLC Announces Launch of No-Cost Medical Testing Services Company

Formed and launched in February of 2018, Apical Medical Solutions is a small, privately owned medical services company that specializes in bringing clinical services to clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities and institutions in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. They specialize in no-cost medical solutions for infections, allergies, diabetes and chronic care.

Jackson, MS, March 02, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Apical Medical Solutions, LLC is extremely proud and excited to launch today, specializing in providing no-cost medical solutions and testing services in Jackson, Mississippi. AMS provides a variety of much needed medical testing products and services for clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities and institutions in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. In addition to the more populated areas, AMS plans to also get these services implemented in the rural health setting as well.

Apical's founder, Dr James Phelan, a practicing Podiatric Surgeon in Mississippi for over 20 years says, "We started this company because we saw an overwhelming need for these services and products in Mississippi and we are bringing advanced, cutting-edge services to providers both in the metropolitan, and more importantly, the underserved rural areas, where the services are needed even moreso." Dr Phelan then added, "The US News and World Report healthcare state rankings were just updated, and Mississippi was ranked 50th in overall healthcare delivery and that has got to change, and we are here to do our part to help bring productive and cost-effective healthcare solutions to help deliver better patient care and better patient outcomes."

Apical Medical Services provides 4 core medical testing services to providers that have absolutely no out-of-pocket investment or expenses to implement these in clinics, hospitals or institutions. These testing modalities focus on infectious disease, diabetic health and prevention, allergy testing and chronic care management.

The flagship products provided by Apical is Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) testing for treating infections of all types more timely, efficiently and accurately. In addition, Apical provides Autonomic Nervous System testing, allergy testing and chronic care management services all without a penny's investment to implement these services by the providers.

Apical Medical Solutions-Taking Medical Care in Mississippi to a New Level
Apical Medical Solutions
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