Balkan Natural Adventure Launching Promotional Tour with Woman Mountaineering Guide

After being part of the first Kosovo team to climb Mount Everest, Arineta Mula has joined local tour operator to become one of the first women mountain guides from Kosovo to cross three countries in the epic hike of about 100 miles called Peaks of the Balkans.

Peja, Albania, March 03, 2018 --( Balkan Natural Adventure, an adventure tourism company from Kosovo has entered an agreement with one of the star hikers of the country Arineta Mula, in order to do a promotional walk in the Peaks of the Balkans tour, and invite more women to become mountain guides.

Arineta Mula became the sweetheart of the small Balkans country after she climbed Mount Blanc, Matterhorn and lastly Mount Everest, and now she quit her regular job to start taking tours with the top adventure tourism company Balkan Natural Adventure. Arineta has a mission to empower women in the Balkans while challenging men in climbing mountains and taking tours.

Balkan Natural Adventure has agreed to support Arineta with sales and all operations related to the Peaks of the Balkans tour. The company has been in the market for the last three years and making headlines with their tours which were featured in The Financial Times, Strait Times of Singapore and travel sites such as

The company has previously also recruited and trained women as Via Ferrata guides and guides in the mountains.

“For us it is important to have access to the whole population as a potential for high quality work force. We do not think that keeping Balkans women out of the market will help anybody. This is why we are working with Artineta,” says Virtyt Gacaferri, owner of Balkan Natural Adventure.

“Additionally we believe that women do wonderful work and sometimes it is good to balance gender in the hiking tours. We are very proud we are pioneers in this direction,” he added.

The tour called Peaks of the Balkans with Artineta will start on the 15 of July and will last for 10 days, crossing three Balkans countries: Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. You can take your place in this tour by contacting the company
Balkan Natural Adventure
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