Unique Broadband Systems Ltd (UBS) Awarded $67M Satellite Contract Extension

Vaughan, Canada, March 08, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Unique Broadband Systems Ltd. (UBS) is a Canadian multinational, privately owned and operated company that specializes in design, development, manufacturing and life cycle maintenance of complete digital communication systems for voice, video and data in the broadcast, medical and defense industries.

With its head office and 60,000 square feet of facilities located in Toronto, Canada and 30,000 sq ft in Pittsburgh, USA, Unique Broadband Systems Ltd. is well-known worldwide for its strong focus on research and development. Most importantly however, UBS is recognized globally for its uncompromising approach to producing state-of-the-art satellite, military, television, radio and medical communication equipment, such as power amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, modulators and an array of passive components/waveguides.

Key Satellite ground stations and components serve the Ka, Ku, X, C, S and L band frequencies.

UBS’s Vice President, Dr. Karen Safaryan has successfully secured a four year $67,000,000 USD satellite ground station contract extension.

The technological solutions as designed by the UBS team and commissioned in the last four years included but were not limited to Solid State Power Amplifiers from 50 Watts up to 7000 Watts, air and liquid cooled, L-S, C, X, Ku and Ka bands and were valued in excess of $23,000,000.

Continuing with the same requirements on a much larger scale the extension is to be deployed before the end of 2021.

UBS President & CEO, David Dane commented that the re-occurring business relationship which support the extension and the 12 previously delivered solutions only solidify the partnership and give way to mass expansion and deployments over the next four years.

For immediate assistance please contact the UBS team members below.


Santo Aguanno: 905-669-8533 ext 191, santoA@uniquesys.com
Richard Downe: 905-669-8533 ext: 169, richardd@uniquesys.com
Nora Clark: 724-873-8100 ext: 157, nclark@axcera.com
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