NeuroTags Introduces Paperless Warranty Card

Now, there is a solution for manufacturers to manage and renew the warranty of their products, this, in turn, helps in increasing customer satisfaction level and trust in the product.

San Jose, CA, March 14, 2018 --( NeuroTags has started providing a solution for manufacturers to manage and renew the warranty of their products, this, in turn, helps in increasing customer satisfaction level and trust in the product.

“Customers usually misplace the warranty cards and their frustration increases with the brands when they do not find the cards for warranty claim. This is very damaging for any brand,” says Nitin. “NeuroTags has come up with a unique solution to solve this problem. If the manufacturers simply start using our tags, they can eliminate the need for Physical warranty cards and the customers can register and manage the warranty using their phones,” adds Nitin.

NeuroTags are mathematically linked, AI backed, semi-open tags, which are impossible to copy. These tags consist of two parts. One part is open and can be scanned by prospect buyers at any time using a mobile phone. The second part is closed, which can only be opened when the product is sold. Just by a single scan of the closed tag, customers can register for warranty directly with the manufacturer and the product manufacturers can rest assured that the warranty registration has come from their genuine customers. When the customers need to claim the warranty they can scan the tag again.

In the offline market, manufacturers solely depend on the retailers to showcase their products to the prospective buyers. Many times retailers do not have all the required information about the product handy to answer the customer’s enquiry. Using NeuroTags, manufacturers get an opportunity to showcase all the models and details of a product, when a tag is scanned. This helps the customer get the product information which is very difficult to find even on the internet. If the information is presented in a right way it helps convert the sale faster.

NeuroTags helps manufacturers connected with their customers, to periodically send the reminders for replacing the consumable parts (such as Carbon Filter in RO water purifiers) at the right time. This enhances the customer satisfaction for a brand.

Along with providing paperless warranty cards, NeuroTags also helps in preventing the counterfeits of the products. Whenever a closed tag is scanned, the status of both open and closed tag is updated on the cloud. So even if someone tries to copy the tag, they can never get the right combination of an open and close tag. Any mismatch in the scanned tag is treated as counterfeit and the manufacturer is notified about it.

“As we all know, manufacturers do not want to disturb their production cycle, we have made sure that NeuroTags can be easily included in current production cycle,” says Nitin.

NeuroTags has come in the market with a resolution to make the life easier for both the manufacturers and the customers and strengthen the relationship between the both.

About NeuroTags
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