The International Assoc. of Who’s Who Recognizes John McKlosky as Professional of the Year

John McKlosky of Seattle, Washington is recognized by the International Assoc. of Who’s Who for exemplary achievements in the field of Fiber Optics.

Seattle, WA, March 14, 2018 --( John McKlosky is one of the leading experts in the field of fiber optic technology. His career in the field has been a pioneering and eclectic one that has garnered him renown around the world.

He studied at a technical school in Colorado and then at the Arizona State University in Tempe and graduated in 1991, before embarking on a long and distinguished career in fiber optics. His first senior role within the industry was as training director of the Fiber Optics Program, which he devised and founded, at GRCC Technical Education, based in Kent, Washington. Within this role, he provided accredited fiber optic training to companies and individuals across the nation and overseas. This job took him to Asia, where he provided fiber optic training to military personnel at the Yong Sang army base in Seoul, South Korea and the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan.

In 2000, he established his own fiber optic company, MON-ARC Fiber Optic Services, through which he provided his highly in-demand expertise for the installation, testing and restoration of fiber networks. By 2006, he had been acquired by the University of Washington as a fiber network specialist and has since been based in Seattle for this position. His job involves the design, creation, provision and management of large fiber networks across the country and around the world, as well as on the UW campus. He operates network sites spanning the United States, including locations at Tacoma, Bothell, Portland, Spokane, Yakima and Olympia, where he oversees state managed systems.

The extent of John’s expertise has seen him travel extensively to provide a range of fiber optic services and knowledge to businesses and branches of the US military. His work has taken him to Japan and South Korea, as well as all over the North American continent. Although his consultation has been in high demand, John’s career has overlapped into education and continues to do so. He shares his wealth of knowledge in the field of fiber optic technology with others, lecturing at various colleges and universities.

John continues to liaise with several large names in the telecommunications industry. He works with Pacific North West Giga Pop (PNWGP) - a provider of connectivity to global organizations - the K-20 Educational Network and the Community Connectivity Consortium (C3) in King and Pierce Counties in Washington state. He also provides services to a host of medical centers in the area, including the University of Washington Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, Northwest Hospital, Valley Medical Center and many of UW’s clinics located throughout the state. His work with the University of Washington even spanned other fields of study, supplying and maintaining fiber network aboard the UW’s oceanographic research vessel Thomas G. Thompson.

Throughout his career, John has continued to take steps to deliver the very best services he is capable of, and in doing so, has undertaken a number of courses to sharpen his skills, including programs on creative problem solving, conflict and confrontation management, project management, strategic thinking and emotional intelligence. He continues to attend the annual Optic Fiber Conference and hopes to continue working at the University of Washington until his retirement.
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Jacob Ryder