Startup Veterans Launch Outlaw to Humanize Contracts

Outlaw raises $500K for a modern contract platform to help businesses close deals faster using plain English.

New York, NY, March 16, 2018 --( Nothing kills the excitement of doing a business deal like staring down a mountain of paperwork. What’s worse, legal jargon is so confusing that it slows deals down — and sometimes even trashes them entirely.

Outlaw supercharges companies’ existing contracts from unmanageable, static stacks of paper into dynamic templates that are a breeze to edit, share, negotiate and sign in real-time. With features like plain English summaries and smart authoring tools, Outlaw help companies do business faster and with more transparency.

The contract platform operates on a subscription model and is already improving sales, HR and operations across a range of industries — including real estate, consultancies, media and events.

But hang on, how exactly does it work? They break it down for you in plain English:

1. Lightning-Fast Drafting & Custom Templates
Fill-in-the-blank authoring tool customizes contracts in seconds.

2. Plain English Summaries
Overviews offer translated summaries without legalese.

3. End-to-End Deal Flow
Multi-party sharing, commenting and digital signing accelerate the legal process.

Outlaw was designed with transparency and cooperation in mind. “Contracts are relationships,” co-founder Evan Schneyer explains. “Because legalese is so intimidating, people lose sight of that essence. We started Outlaw to breathe mutual trust and understanding — the basis of successful relationships — back into contracts.”

Evan is an ex-Googler and founder of Wanderfly, a travel recommendation engine acquired by TripAdvisor. This is his second startup together with co-founder Dan Dalzotto, a digital product designer. Rounding out the Outlaws is Ricardo Lopez, founder of Vertitrade. They have raised a seed round of $500,000.

If you want to close deals faster using plain English, cont(r)act them at for a free demo.

About Outlaw
Outlaw is a modern contract platform that helps businesses close deals faster using plain English. Founded by veteran entrepreneurs Evan Schneyer, Dan Dalzotto, and Ricardo Lopez, Outlaw supercharges contracts to make them easier to customize, understand, negotiate and sign. The platform operates on a subscription model and is perfect for businesses looking to level-up their deal and legal process, with application to everything from sales to HR to operations. Start making deals at
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