Sheec Socks Introduces One-of-a-Kind No-Show Sock on Kickstarter

Sheec launches new sock product on Kickstarter:

Brooklyn, NY, March 17, 2018 --(, a sock brand specializing in designing stylish and functional socks, announced their launch of a new innovative ultra low-cut no show sock for women via Kickstarter at 11am EDT on Thursday, March 15th. The brand was started in 2011, initially as a no show sock brand, and has been committed to designing socks that are more than just socks.

The brand's new product is the SoleHugger Secret 2.0, and it is a perfected version of its ultra low-cut no-show sock. The SoleHugger Secret 2.0 has tested the limits of how low a sock can go without slipping off and has been proven to be no-show in all shoes (stilettos, ballerina flats, moccasins, basically any type of shoes that typically cannot be worn without the sock showing). The sock has also been tested to be non-slip. Through strategically placed silicone grips on the heel, the toes, and the sole of the foot, the sock is able to stay put both on the foot and in the shoe.

The sock also has a cotton sole for sweat absorption, while every other part of the sock is made of a durable nylon to be thin & flexible. And through its patented technology, the sock boasts minimum seams and stitching to increase the comfort.

The brand, as it always does, has made it a point to make sure the socks fit as many people as possible. The socks are available in 3 sizes and will cover all types of foot shapes with US women's shoes sizes 5-12.

The brand has always quietly launched new products on its own site, just reaching out to its own loyal customer base, but is excited to launch on Kickstarter for the first time. The brand's founder John Lee says, "I first began this brand to design socks for my pregnant wife who couldn't find comfortable socks to wear with her heels. I've come to realize over the years that people have more sock problems than I could have ever imagined. We've organically grown awareness of our brand by word of mouth through people sharing our brand because they finally have socks that work with their shoes and feet. We're excited to share this new product via Kickstarter to spread the word that we've managed to design a sock that is the answer to all women's prayers: a true no-show sock that is comfortable and stays on."

Access the campaign here:
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