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Back from Europe, a new product launch of HullSpeed® marine coatings and nominations for Deal of the Year and Dealmaker of the Year, In Focus Brands is not what you normally consider a branding firm to be.

New York, NY, March 21, 2018 --( In Focus Brands has returned from their latest European deployment (the seventh since the company began in 2004) where they were involved in a manufacturing operational scale assignment, a branded human resources and sales system creation and development of a new distribution channel affiliate partner campaign for their clients. Their branded systems’ creations have been responsible for 130 startups and over 400 growth projects to date.

Up next for the team is a line of ALL CLEAN, performance products from HullSpeed® ( These US manufactured, environmentally-friendly, performance marine coating products have been invited to California to showcase their eco-friendly and performance improvement attributes on a series of boats up and down the California Coast. In Focus Brands will be launching new distribution partners and new direct-to-consumer avenues for sale. HullSpeed®'s ALL CLEAN products are where the boating market is going and has to go to protect the fragile water ecosystem while adding to the performance needs and wants of boating consumers.

Jill Daye, Operations Director for In Focus Brands, adds, "Our team did a great job refocusing one company and recreating a new brand for another while overseas. We have our own belief and process for all things branding and how branding needs to be integrated into the foundation for all business systems, departments and operations to truly make a difference for our clients’ success. This internal/external, holistic brand process is from our Founder’s (Robert Manasier) playbook that forms the basis for all of our work. Branding efforts always have to lead to revenue growth."

In Focus Brands has also just been recognized and nominated for Deal of the Year by Upstate Capital (their 3rd consecutive nomination in New York State for a successful exit or merger) and their Founder, Robert Manasier, has been nominated for Dealmaker of the Year for his contributions to In Focus Brands’ continued portfolio activities and his funding and commercialization work with the Innovation HotSpot Program, Innovate518.

Email Jill Daye at for additional information on HullSpeed® and to schedule time for a demo of the products or to meet in California.

In Focus Brands ( focus on creatively practical solutions for their clients. Their branding systems create faster and smarter systems for increased client growth and retention. The company integrates strategy, operational execution and funding by bringing deployable teams and resources to clients’ present needs and structuring branded systems and staffs for the sustainable and successful future.

HullSpeed® ( Performance Marine Coatings have a full line of ALL CLEAN, coating products for marine vessels to make them go faster and cleaner. This coating is designed to improve hull longevity, durability, performance and is one of the eco-friendliest marine paints available. Unlike most traditional bottom paints, HullSpeed® is a 2-part, fully cured water-based coating that does not contain biocides or heavy metals that also makes cleaning, go faster.
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