KGS SAP Archive Holds Certification for All GDPR-Relevant Archive Scenarios

The SAP archiving expert offers the most comprehensive support for GDPR-relevant archiving scenarios.

Neu-Isenburg, Georgia, March 21, 2018 --( The EU European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is about to come into force. SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) empowers SAP users to comply with its provisions. A key requirement for this is an archive that implements a certified ILM interface. The KGS ContentServer4Storage SAP archive holds certification for the latest versions of all four archive interfaces viable for implementing the GDPR: BC ILM 3.1, BC-AL 7.40, S/4-BC ILM 1.0 and S/4-BC-AL 7.40.

There is one SAP archive interface that almost every archive system is certified for: ArchiveLink, the de facto industry standard. But when it comes to SAP ILM, ILM 3.1 and the ILM interface for SAP S/4HANA, substantially fewer systems boast certification. Defying this trend, the KGS archive solution is certified for all interfaces that are relevant in light of the GDPR. This underscores the expertise and lead of KGS in the areas of archiving, archive migration and document management in SAP environments.

Jochem Brost, Marketing Team Manager at KGS: “SAP users presently have to deal with two coinciding challenges: the upcoming stringent data protection legislation and the new S/4HANA product generation. Given the wide range of interfaces, there are several ways to go about implementing the associated archiving requirements. In this context, a single archive that holds certification for all relevant interfaces provides SAP customers with the greatest possible operational flexibility. Regardless of whether ECC 6.0 or S/4HANA SAP is the leading system, SAP users can connect KGS ContentServer4Storage with their interface of choice, ArchiveLink or ILM.”
KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG
Jochem Brost