The Outdoor Sports Season is Underway: ASAlaser's Therapies Provide Valuable Assistance in Treating Foot Issues

MLS® and Hilterapia® prove to be successful in enabling runners and bikers to resume sports activities after forced stops due to painful issues of the ankle-foot-heel.

Vicenza, Italy, March 24, 2018 --( The last shall be first. Never was an adage so true as when referring to body parts affected by pain and inflammation caused by poor or excessive training. This is well-known by specialists who need to contain weekend sports heroes striving for a fast remise en forme when spring strikes. The effects of lengthy running or cycling on-the-road sessions are mainly felt by the extremities, the preordained victims of highly painful pathologies. Recent statistical data in fact report that the incidence of peri-tendinopathies, enthesities of the Achilles’ tendon, bursitis, plantar fasciitis and foot spur, but also tendinopathies of the posterior tibial tendon and metatarsalgia make up around 50% of all the foot problems caused by “unwise” physical activity.

The result? An obligatory stop and a functional recovery whose times are not always brief.

In order not “to miss a step” a valid aid is provided by laser therapy. Doctor Mitchell R. Waskin, Podiatrist and Medical Director of The Foot & Ankle Center in Richmond has no doubts in this respect; in a recent interview he underlined how MLS® Laser Therapy is a “revolutionary procedure which allows a fast and effective relief for painful issues of the foot, ankle and heel.” The same opinion is expressed by Doctor Richard Jacoby, an American foot and ankle surgeon luminary: his patients, who had previously undergone other treatments without any significant effects, thanks to MLS®, already perceived an immediate relief from pain already after the first session.

Its effective recovery therapy is provided by its intrinsic characteristics. The MLS® impulse in fact stimulates biochemical reactions and vasodilation, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, thereby facilitating the resolution of the inflammatory process and the reabsorption of the oedema.

These results, combined with the analgesic action which characterises the treatment, go hand in hand with the rapid application times and the fast reduction of the painful symptoms. Two major pluses for addicted runners and bikers, explains Francesco Atzeni, physiotherapist and CEMES coordinator. “The issues which generally fill up the corridors are tendonitis, in particular insertional tendonitis on the Achilles’ tendon and on the pes anserinus, plantar fasciitis and light muscle strains. In all these cases, an early treatment with laser therapy can shorten recovery times by up to 50% and in many cases also avoid chronicity. Specifically, not only does Hilterapia® speed up the repair processes, but when employed for 2/3 sessions after attaining the therapeutic purpose, it also allows a rapid recovery of sports performances.” Last but not least, thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedemic effect, the ASAlaser therapy encourages tissue regeneration and repair.

A welcome then to Spring, the sports season is “safe.”
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