Artist Grace Divine Brings Focus to the Virgin Mary’s Feast of Annunciation with Her Painting in Group Show

Artist Reminds Us of the Virgin Mary’s Impact on the World in an Art Show About Women

Inglewood, CA, March 27, 2018 --( Grace Divine, artist, is exhibiting two paintings at the Art Landing Gallery in Los Angeles “Show About Women.” The group show features artwork by over 30 women artists and has a theme of women’s empowerment.

In particular, the two paintings by Grace Divine focus on motherhood. One features an image of the Virgin Mother, a very popular theme with Latin-American artists. The piece represents a sacred effigy and is a commentary on the hardships of motherhood as it commemorates the tremendous sacrifice made by all mothers. The painting, made of mixed media includes crystals, gemstones and found objects over gilded paint, oil and acrylic. What is fascinating about the work is its transparency as the organs of the mother are visible via the paint and the Savior is displayed as a fetus within the womb. The second painting explodes with color as it creates a narrative story of the process of fertilization with both male and female counterparts facing each other in a dramatic cascade of warm and living colors.

The art show will be up until April 5 and is located at the Art Landing Gallery at 1146 S. Inglewood Avenue, Inglewood, California 90301.

To find out more, please call 949-836-6540.
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