Pickett Oilfield, LLC is Proud to Announce a New Roll Out of Cooling Trailers

Why Should You Buy an Oilfield Cooling Trailer? With heat related incidents on the rise as the summer heat gets closer, Pickett Oilfield, LLC is proud to announce another roll out of Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailers.

Houston, TX, April 03, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Why Should You Buy an Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailer?

Heat related incidents are on the rise this time of year. The oilfield is not excluded from these types of incidents. According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2017 alone, there were at least 15 heat related deaths while employees were at work. This statistic does not include heat related injuries, which would have a much greater number. Pickett Oilfield, LLC is proud to announce another roll out of quality well-built “Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailer’s” to aid employers in preventing this number of fatalities and injuries from growing.

According to OSHA law, employees are to be provided a safe work environment at the responsibility of their employers. It is also the employers’ responsibility, according to OSHA law, to provide up to date operating instructions that have to be communicated clearly on how employees are to follow safety and health requirements. Furthermore, OSHA advocates and promotes companies or employers to embrace an Injury and Illness prevention program.

It is the responsibility of the Employer to provide employees with sufficient ability to escape the heat, and cool down as to avoid heat related incidents. In each of the 15 heat related deaths last year the employers were fined and a family lost a loved one. Heat related incidents are preventable, and precautions should be taken to train employees to recognize the symptoms of heat related issues. Employers should provide adequate opportunities for employees to cool down out of the heat.

There are several symptoms involved in heat related emergencies. According to Heathline.com they are as follows:

Muscle cramps
Mild confusion
Fast heart rate and/or breathing
Extreme thirst
Nausea and/or vomiting

Also, there are three stages to heat related emergencies; they are… heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. All three stages are considered serious and need immediate care. Heat related illnesses can even cause seizures or unconsciousness; at this point 911 should be called immediately. If the heat illness is severe enough it can be fatal or cause effects which last for a lifetime.

By using an “Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailer” from Pickett Oilfield LLC, employers are protecting their employees’ safety and health, as well as themselves, by providing an adequate place for their employees to cool down, thereby aiding in the prevention of a heat related incident which could have otherwise been fatal or have lifelong complications.

Pickett Oilfield LLC’s “Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailers” are mobile cooling trailer units. They are bumper-pull trailers and are completely customizable, even including an eye wash station if desired. These mobile cooling units can be built with half walls (from the height of the trailer to the tops of the benches) allowing some natural air flow, or with full walls (from the height of the trailer to the floor of the trailer) maximizing shade on the employees. Pickett Oilfield LLC builds their “Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailers” with the ruggedness of the Oilfield in mind. They are tough, durable, easy to clean (they can just be hosed out), fully contained, and take minimal time to set up. Open air cooling trailers such as these are easier to get in and out of for multiple employees than the fully enclosed units, and are much more cost effective. Moreover, these “Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailers”handle the rough terrain of oilfields with ease. Providing a cooling trailer such as this for employees allows multiple employees to cool off at once without each employee having to sit in multiple vehicles which saves fuel for the company as well. These open air safety cooling trailers can operate for up to ten hours on one tank of water, and for about two hours for every one gallon of gas.

It can get dangerously hot for workers in the Oilfield, when they work for long or extended periods of time; the dangers of them having a heat-related incident such as a heat stroke increases. Dangers such as these can be obviated by allowing for oilfield employees to have their breaks in a Pickett Oilfield LLC “Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailer” which can be as much as 30 degrees cooler than the outside temperatures. Pickett Oilfield LLC’s safety cooling trailer’s come ready to use, and assist with keeping employees safe in the summer months.

Additionally, employees that have a sufficient space to cool down properly are more productive when they return to work not feeling overheated and tired. Productivity is good for the employee who is safe from heat related illnesses, and for the employers’ bottom line. Providing an Oilfield Cooling Trailer from Pickett Oilfield LLC will not only assist in the protection of your employees from heat related incidents, but also the company from fines relating to insufficient safety; it should also ensure better productivity from the employees.

Pickett Oilfield LLC has built hundreds of Safety Cooling Trailers, and has the experience to build yours quickly and at a price that will keep your bottom line in the black. For more information on Oilfield Safety Cooling Trailers provided by Pickett Oilfield LLC, visit Pickett Oilfield, LLC online.

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