Art Exhibition: "Sense... Feeling It or Not"

This solo exhibition by Marco Caridad can be perceived beyond sight.

Miami, FL, April 03, 2018 --( From April 19 to April 29, the public in Miami will be able to enjoy the exhibition "Sense... feeling it or not" by the multidisciplinary artist Marco Caridad. During this opportunity, Caridad wants the attendees to perceive art through all their senses.

For ten consecutive days, this solo exhibition will feature Caridad's latest work at the Art & Design Gallery, a strategic location so that residents of both North and South Miami can enjoy this event. "This exhibition proposes a 360-degree project, in which attendees will not only enjoy the paintings but will also have the opportunity to experience all the areas of art in which I have experience: audiovisual, installations, sculptures, theater and literature..." added Caridad.

The pieces by Caridad for this series, "Sense, feeling it or not" are full of contrasts that, according to its curator Rafael Muci, "portray coincidences and anecdotes that interpenetrate each other, designing a narrative thread of the artist's life. In other words, it will be retrospective of his life and a journey into the future." In his works, the Venezuelan artist uses representative elements of his daily life to give a distinctive touch to his canvases. Marco Caridad has stood out for a mixed technique where he integrates the residues of candles with acrylics, chalk, plaster, oil, coffee and crayons, to create paintings with two-dimensional textures.

For the opening night, the award-winning dancer, with an artistic career in New York, Leonel Linares will be performing interpretative dance performances based on the paintings of the exhibition. "The abstract movements of the dance will reflect the abstract traces of the paintings in the exhibition," said Linares. Also, the days after the opening, the artist will hold free abstract painting workshops and personalized tours for both young people and adults. For example, on Friday, April 20 and 27, there will the presentations of the play "Sala Marco Caridad" written by the playwright, actor, and producer Yonyi Gutiérrez, and interpreted by the Director of the Centro Cultural Español, Julián Linares, the Puerto Rican actor Miguel Sahid and the Cuban-American actress Mel Gorham.

Admission to this event is free, and you can confirm your attendance at the following link:

Refreshments will be served by TEAM enterprises’ clients: Bacardi and Peroni, who are sponsors of this event.

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