PATECCO’s IAM Services Help Customers to Close Security Gaps

Sofia, Bulgaria, April 05, 2018 --( PATECCO is an international managed services company providing state of the art technology and services to a large international customer base across finance, automobile, pharma, energy, automobile, public and telecommunication sectors. Its business activity is focused on Identity and Access Management, Cloud Access Control, Security, Security Information and Event management, Public Key Infrastructure and Privileged Account Management. PATECCO develops effective IAM techniques, based on functional business-focused approach, pragmatic and iterative methods.

PATECCO’s Identity Management and Identity Access Governance help companies to stay in control of an employee lifecycle and to audit it. The benefits of identities' management refer to preventing data leaks, securing and accelerating your business, increased efficiency, productivity and security at once. Identity and Access Management solutions allow organizations to seamlessly extend secure access to the cloud through identity federation. The company successfully collaborates with its partner Microsoft, using tools such as Azure AD, Microsoft Identity Manager 2016, and Forefront Identity Manager.

Security information and event management (SIEM) systems are also a key focus of PATECCO’s portfolio. It develops tools to monitor and help manage user and service privileges, directory services and other system-configuration changes, as well as providing log auditing and streamline compliance reporting. PATECCO prevents eventual frauds by Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) migration and automation which simplifies complex operations, maintain security assurance, and facilitate future projects and growth. Key advantages of PATECCO PKI Management are ensuring comprehensive security, operational efficiency, and business continuity.

The German based IAM company is expert in Privileged Account Management, as well. It is used as an information security and governance tool to help companies comply with legal and regulatory compliance regulations. Main components of PAM projects that PATECCO executes is Password, Session and Command Management. It offers secure and streamlined way to authorize and monitor all privileged users for all relevant systems.

PATECCO’s services help customers to close security gaps and leverage standards and guidelines for an easy application onboarding into IAM systems. Providing adequate mitigation principles for the full set of user stories is its main goal. Projects delivered by PATECCO come along with high industry expertise, best practices and broad knowledge of regulatory requirements.
Ina Nikolova