Funky Dreamer Storytime Expands Into Latino Children’s Book Market with Two Titles Just Released in Spanish, Available Now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

“What Do Giraffes Eat?”/“ʕQue Comén Las Jirafas?” and “Donut The Dragon El ”/ “Dona El Dragón” now available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, author Greg Wachs’ Funky Dreamer Storytime library expands to include two new Spanish-language editions.

West Hollywood, CA, April 08, 2018 --( Author Greg Wachs has just released two children’s storybooks in Spanish, expanding his Funky Dreamer Storytime brand to reach even more children across the globe. “What Do Giraffes Eat?”/“ʕQue Comén Las Jirafas?” and “Donut The Dragon”/ “Dona El Dragon” are now available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They can also be ordered directly from the Funky Dreamer Storytime website.

“What Do Giraffes Eat?” - available in Spanish under the directly translated title “ʕQue Comén Las Jirafas?” - is an early reading and counting book for preschool children ages 2 to 5 filled with illustrations of kids, parents, colorful animals and the foods they eat. Children are encouraged to sound out the words – giraffes, monkeys, rabbits, eagles, and more - count the animals and learn about the foods they eat, like leaves, bananas, carrots and fish. This is Wachs’ first book for younger children, and features illustrations by artists Rituparna and Pratyush Chatterjee, a talented husband-and-wife team from India. The Chatterjees also created the illustrations for Wachs earlier book, “Anabelle & The Crumbs.”

For children ages 5 to 8, “Donut The Dragon” – available in Spanish as “Dona El Dragon” – is the story of a giant black dragon who loves donuts and a little boy names Kyle who is saved by the massive beast while falling through space toward the ground below. When Kyle’s parachute jump goes wrong, he encounters the flying, rhyming, rapping dragon. He’s bewildered when the dragon offers to save him in exchange for 12 donuts, and the arrival of a gorgeous blue lady dragon mystifies him further. He’s met two dragons while hurtling toward the ground with a parachute that won’t open. Dragons who love donuts? Will he crash to the ground, or is this all just a dream? Wachs tapped Russian illustrator Eugene Blissful to create the colorful watercolor illustrations that bring to life our hero Kyle, his friend, Jason, oodles of donuts, bright landscapes, and two magnificent flying dragons: the coal-black Dragor – whose nickname is “Donut” because of his insatiable love of the tasty pastries – and a gorgeous sky-blue lady dragon.

Funky Dreamer Storytime recently released another illustrated storybook for children ages 5 to 8 on Amazon called “Cute Kitty In The Big Pizza City” A life-long musician and songwriter, Wachs offers three books that provide a multi-media experience. “Milkshake Mermaid,” “Donut The Dragon” and “Anabelle & The Crumbs” each tells a positive, uplifting story in an entertaining way by combining a printed book with a music-filled narrated podcast. The multi-media duo is called a pod-book, and each cloud-based podcast is available free on iTunes and the Funky Dreamer Storytime website. Podcasts for the new books will follow soon.

“It’s called Funky Dreamer Storytime because the music is a little funky and the stories are a little dreamy,” Wachs said, explaining that bringing each story to life in music and song provides a new interactive dimension to story-time. “These truly are the world’s first pod-books; I made up the term because it didn’t seem to exist. I’ve seen kid’s books with DVDs and CDs, even or cassettes or vinyl back in the day, but today you can host it in the cloud and stream the audio from anywhere, anytime. I made each podcast match word for word, so the characters are narrating the physical book. As you listen and read the book, you get a multi-media experience – you’re turning the pages, you’re listening to the audio, and you’re hearing all the original music, so it’s a pretty cool experience.”

“What Do Giraffes Eat?” is available on Amazon at The Spanish version, “ʕQue Comén Las Jirafas?” is at

“Donut The Dragon” is available on Amazon at The Spanish version, “Dona El Dragón,” can be found at

“Milkshake Mermaid,” “Donut The Dragon,” “Anabelle & The Crumbs,” an “Cute Kitty In The Big City” illustrated storybooks also are available from Amazon, Barns & Noble, and on Greg Wachs’ website,

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