Historical Novel Spins Intriguing Tale at Start of Industrial Revolution

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a new book set during the 1876 International Centennial Exhibition. History mingles with a thrilling story of social and political intrigue, diplomacy, romance and crime in this new novel.

Philadelphia, PA, May 01, 2018 --(PR.com)-- When the 1876 International Centennial Exhibition opened in Philadelphia, it showcased displays and representatives from the world’s 39 nations. The six-month event drew more than 10 million visitors to the city and showcased American ingenuity and inventions such as telephones and steam pistons and unbelievable art and jewels from around the world. It’s this setting that serves as a backdrop in a new novel featuring history, crime and romance, released by Dog Ear Publishing.

“The Tears of the Desert: Love and Crime at the 1876 International Centennial Exhibition” tells the story of several figures of Philadelphia society and delegates from Turkey, who bring with them the Tears of the Desert. The necklace, made before the Ottoman Empire was founded, features five beautiful sapphires and was given by the sultan to the first wife that bore him a son. Legends claim that it brings peace, joy and wisdom to one with a true heart but bad luck and death to all others.

The necklace fascinates all who see it, including Charles O’Ryan, who is drowning in gambling debts and begins to scheme to have it for his own and any other jewels he can get from visiting dignitaries. But the necklace is closely guarded by Princess Kiraz and her bodyguards, brought out at only the most elegant occasion during the exhibition.

Ellen McNicols, assistant to the chairman of the Women’s Executive Centennial Committee, thinks of herself as a modern woman, ready to champion the right of women to vote and think for themselves. But when she encounters medical student Noel Swenson, she’s as drawn to the young man as he is to her. Can a poor medical student hope to win the heart of a wealthy heiress, and will Charles’ schemes end in success?

Author Conrad Fraider weaves an intriguing tale filled with actual figures from history, details about the exhibition and unforgettable characters such as a kind-hearted madam, freed slaves, exotic visitors from foreign lands and smart, fascinating women working within the bonds of society and custom to create their own destiny.

This is the first novel for author Conrad Fraider, who has spent most of his adult life in Philadelphia. He grew up in a military family, traveling from coast to coast and around Europe. He has two daughters.

For additional information, please visit www.ConradFraider.com.

The Tears of the Desert: Love and Crime at the 1876 International Centennial Exhibition
Conrad Fraider
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5821-4 402 pages $17.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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