In Focus Brands Back in California

After a two year absence, In Focus Brands is back in California launching a high performance marine product line for HullSpeed® and developing a new television series with their partners at IFP Films.

Los Angeles, CA, May 02, 2018 --( In 2016, In Focus Brands exited one of their fintech firms in Los Angeles and moved operations to Texas, Europe and South Africa where they were launching new technologies and services. (In Focus Brands has maintained an office in NY for over 14 years). This month a team from In Focus Brands is launching the marine line, HullSpeed®, in Los Angeles with a number of eco-friendly and performance tests and begins development work on a new business reality series.

In Focus Brands’ is resurrecting the In The Trenches brand of multimedia offerings to create a new destination website, podcast series and television offering for the small business owner. The company is meeting with a number of sponsors and show runners while out on the West Coast.

HullSpeed® was created as a line of high performance marine hull coatings that is also completely eco-friendly and cost saving. Better than current/traditional marine hull paints, HullSpeed® delivers a fuel efficient, protective, pro-environment performance surface. Vessels coated with HullSpeed® have realized up to 10% improvement in speed and up to 13% improvement in fuel economy while offering easier hull cleaning/maintenance and 5x’s more durability and drag reduction over submerged objects and vegetation.

The HullSpeed® line of products will be on display at the LA MarinaFest Event the weekend of May 18th, has already been applied to the LA Water Keeper's boat with excellent results and is scheduled with distributors, retailers and boatyards throughout the month to increase market share and awareness of the eco-friendly, performance coatings.

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HullSpeed® protective and performance marine coatings are one of the most eco-friendly marine paints available. Whether you’re looking to repair/protect your bass boat, improve engine efficiency, speed & acceleration, or decrease hull maintenance, HullSpeed® is the right choice for you.

In Focus Brands focus on creatively practical solutions to drive growth, revenue and inbound traffic. The company integrates strategy, operational execution and funding by bringing deployable teams and resources to our clients’ present needs and structuring branded systems and staffs for the sustainable and successful future.

Diamond Point Co-Development Fund is a royalty-based fund started by Robert Manasier and In Focus Brands that creates more flexibility during the startup phase and focuses on delivering funding and resources to execute to a branded plan for proof of concept or launch stage companies.
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