Graham's Foundation is Celebrating Whole Families on Parents of Preemies Day

On May 6, 2018 the organization will join parents of premature babies and kids around the world in honoring the strength and courage it takes to cope with the challenges of premature birth.

Toledo, OH, May 03, 2018 --( Graham’s Foundation (, the global support organization for parents going through the journey of prematurity, has announced that this year's May 6 Parents of Preemie's Day celebration will feature a social sharing campaign with the hashtags #parentsofpreemiesday2018 and #youarenotalone. The campaign will end with a giveaway sponsored by 4moms.

"After the birth of a preemie, moms and dads find themselves in the NICU instead of a nursery and dealing with life and death decisions instead of changing diapers," said Graham's Foundation Communications Director and preemie parent Christa Terry. "It's important to acknowledge how hard babies have to fight after premature birth, but it's equally important to acknowledge the struggles of the parents of preemies. That's what Parents of Preemies Day is all about: celebrating the amazing resilience of entire families!"

Each year, 13 million babies are born prematurely to parents who never expected their birth stories to involve long hospitalizations, surgeries, medical specialists, around the clock monitoring, or home healthcare help. Parents of Preemies Day spreads awareness of the courage and commitment it takes to stay strong and hopeful when a premature birth turns a family’s world upside down.

The organization's founders, Nick Hall and Jennifer Hall, know the effects of prematurity first hand, having experienced the birth of their twins 15 weeks prematurely before facing the trials of the NICU and the loss of their son, Graham. Their experiences inspired them to create Graham’s Foundation to support preemie parents year round. Parents of Preemies Day was a natural extension of their mission to create a world where no parent goes through the premature birth journey alone.

“Parents of Preemies Day is not only our way of introducing the world to the broader, lasting impact of premature birth on moms and dads," said Nick. "It's also our way of celebrating how amazingly these parents cope and even thrive when thrust into what is for most a frightening and overwhelming experience. They deserve to be recognized – not just once a year, but every day."

Parents of Preemies Day has been featured on, BlogHer, and Babble, as well as in print and broadcast media. Tens of thousands of parents have shared their stories and photos on the Parents of Preemies Day Facebook page and on their personal blogs. Thousands of parents and supporters have attended Parents of Preemies Day events, and #parentsofpreemiesday has been a trending topic on Twitter.

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Graham’s Foundation empowers parents of premature babies through support, advocacy and research to improve outcomes for their preemies and themselves. In addition to NICU, transition home, and remembrance care package programs, we have more than 30 trained parent mentors available 24/7 and the market-leading prematurity app, MyPreemie. We connect organizations, medical professionals, and brands with preemie parent voices to impact positive change for preemies and their families. And we represent the needs of preemie parents at conferences around the world attended by neonatologists, neonatal nurses, industry, academics, and other professionals who work closely with preemies and their families. Visit to learn more.
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