Mass Mail – An Automated Email Marketing Tool Released by TechnoKrats

TechnoKrats is a creative firm that executes design-driven online interactive solutions. The company employs user-friendly design, marketing strategy, and technical expertise as the underlying forces to help clients achieve online marketing goals and find long-term growth.

Kolkata, India, May 22, 2018 --( TechnoKrats’, new bulk email marketing software, MassMail, streamlines the process for sending personalized mail with a single click. The tool allows the sender to upload, segment the email list and schedule each email campaign accordingly.

MassMail accomplishes several tasks:
· Establishes an email campaign as a personal resource with the individual name in the subject line and body to emphasize one to one communication
· Provides an easy tool for non-technical users to design responsive templates with easy drag and drop features.
. The performance of each campaign can be viewed through the email analytic and reporting tab.

In order to help the sender efficiently manage data, TechnoKrats focused on streamlining workflow steps across all parts of the mailing process. “Our lightweight design paired well with the technology to avoid spam filters and easy-to-understand workflows to achieve a very user-friendly system, is the strength of MassMail,” said Jayesh Kataria, Director, TechnoKrats.

Users of MassMail, save time as well as boost their marketing effort with the custom package comprising of animations, social sharing buttons and menu system to enhance customer experience and increase email productivity.
Mass Mail Technokrats
Jayesh Kataria