Rod Clemmons' New Single "She’s My Girl" Honors Mothers Everywhere

New York, NY, May 09, 2018 --( Rod Clemmons' latest album "What’s Up? It’s Me" has allowed the musician to say thank you to the people who were instrumental in helping him become who he is today. The single "She’s My Girl" is particularly poignant for Mother’s Day. Rod wrote the track for his late mother, Faye Clemmons, who helped him learn to navigate the world as a blind person.

Rod Clemmons is a multi-talented R&B and Neo Soul artist from New York. In addition to being a writer and performer, Rod is a producer and the founder of Verdict Records. Big Noise has been working with Rod and his production company for over a decade.

Totally blind since birth, Rod has developed a keen ear through years of training and practice. He started his musical training at the age of 4, studying classical piano. On a full scholarship, Rod attended the prestigious Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana and later graduated with honors from I.U. Clemmons. A fixture in Louisville, KY clubs as an R&B keyboard player and singer, Rod started to develop his signature sound that led him to start Verdict Records. As a producer, Rod has worked in diverse sounds such as contemporary Gospel, contemporary country, pop/rock, children's music, and R&B.

"She’s My Girl" lets listeners know about a brave, tireless, fearless, patient woman whose influenced shaped Rod as a musician and allowed him to affect others through music. "I wanted to let my mother know how much I truly appreciated the hard work and sacrifices she made for me, a totally blind child of hers, to be able to learn how to function and succeed and be independent in the 'normal' world," says Rod.

Fortunately, Faye was able to enjoy the song and hear its powerful message before she passed away. "When I sent it to her she was so overwhelmed and I used the title and the song to accompany every Mother’s Day gift I sent her from then on." Clemmons goes on to say, "We began shooting a music video for the song and I’m so glad we were able to do it while she was still with us, and she enjoyed the mess out of doing it."

The loss of his mother is still fresh, but he is thankful that her guidance has led him to a place where he is able to share his feelings through music. "I lost my mother, my best friend, my biggest fan, and cheerleader, eight months ago to recurring cancer and I miss her so much. She truly paved the way for me to do so many things including releasing this album," says Rod.

Listeners can find the track, "She’s My Girl," from Rod Clemmons’ acclaimed album, "What’s Up? It’s Me," at CD Baby, iTunes, AmazonMusic, and all other major music platforms. Clemmons will be appearing live in concert at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday, May 18th at 8 PM. Additional performance dates are in the works. Follow Rod Clemmons on Facebook,, for more information on tickets, and to be notified as soon as new shows are announced.
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