Cabot Martial Arts Joins Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido as Latest Franchise Owners

Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido - World Headquarters located in Wentzville, Missouri is proud to announce that Mr and Mrs Robert Mantione have joined the organization as the latest franchise owners.

Wentzville, MO, May 10, 2018 --( Transitioning Cabot Martial Arts to Hapkido-USA is going to be an exciting time for both Cabot Arkansas and the Mantiones. As a long-time charter school, Cabot Martial Art's formal announcement has been a long-awaited one. Being appointed as the State Headquarters for Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido is an added source of celebration for the Mantione's.

The timing of their announcement couldn't have been better as it coincided with the release of the September issue of the largest martial arts magazine in the world, TheTaeKwonDo Times. The September 2017 edition featured on the cover Grandmaster Kim Myung Yong, Founder and President of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido and Grandmaster Michael Rhoades, Vice-President and now-announced, successor upon Grandmaster Kim's retirement in April 2018. The full-length feature story highlighted some major announcements of upcoming historic events.

You can view the full story on their website at by clicking on the magazine cover.

Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido’s reputation for high standards and incredible technique are well-known throughout the martial art community and the world. Grandmaster Rhoades' commitment to his students and their success is second-to-none and the Mantione's are excited to bring this level of training to their currently students and plan to draw in the serious-minded individuals in their area who are anxious to learn realistic self-defense skills.

The ongoing training for the instructors and schoolowners of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido is one of the unique features of this franchise. Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido Instructors are required to attend regular training to keep their skillset the sharpest and by training directly under Grandmaster Rhoades, they are never disappointed! As a franchise location, Hapkido-USA in Cabot will be hosting seminars annually at their location in Arkansas with Grandmaster Rhoades as the Special Guest. This opens up an opportunity for Hapkido practitioners in their region to join in.

If you would like information on the Hapkido-USA located in Cabot Arkansas please contact (501)259-9243 for more information or visit If you are interested in information about your own charter or franchise, please contact the HQ at (636)327-5425.

As a family of martial artists, the Mantione's dedication to their family and community are evident with their long-standing business in the Cabot area.
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Tracy Green