GiftWorksPlus Offers Engraved Frames in College and University Designs

GiftWorksPlus offers college and university themed frames in time for graduation.

Waukesha, WI, May 11, 2018 --( The company GiftWorksPlus is offering custom frame designs for a variety of colleges and universities. The Wisconsin-based business provides unique souvenirs and gifts in the form of key chains, magnets, box sets, body butter and gift frames. Its school frames are available for any age or grade level of student. While the company offers specific options for college and university picture frames, there also are many different designs for elementary school, middle school, and high school. University and college frame designs are available based on where the school is located, but because GiftWorksPlus offers custom and personalized frames, customers can have a particular school name engraved onto the wooden photo frame.

“These photo frames make such great gifts for students at the end of the school year,” says Karla Jordan, the president and founder of GiftWorksPlus. “They are especially cool for students that are graduating from high school or college. The typical gift for graduation is a card with some money, but having a custom engraved frame that is specific to their school is such a fun gift that will last a lot longer than a bit of cash or a card. That is why I am so proud to offer so many options for different schools in different states. Everyone is proud of their alma-mater, so everyone should have some memorabilia to keep long after graduation. While pennants and posters are great when you are living in the dorms, picture frames are a way to show your school pride for years to come!”

Many of the graduation themed frames come with a placeholder area for a custom inspirational quote or congratulatory message. There are also options to put a diploma or graduation cap design as well as the name of the student and year of graduation on the frames.

GiftWorksPlus offers custom engraved photo frames in a variety of different themes so that customers can find the perfect frame for their graduate. Other designs include travel frames, family frames, wedding frames, sports frames, and pet frames.
Karla Jordan