Barbra Angel Announces New Healing Music Album

San Diego, CA, May 14, 2018 --( "Carpe Diem" is a new solo project in 432Hz (EP) by Barbra Angel.

Barbra gives an inspirational and heart-warming performance, and her mission is to encourage and challenge people to think about their lives and the difference they can make in the world every day. She addresses this mission through her Healing Music Ministry "Tune&Heal." She wants to bring joy, harmony and healing into our life through her Cell Resonance Therapy, together with a great message and inspiration through her songs. Her motto: "Music has the ability to heal and re-connect us with our hearts and gently remind us of who we truly are. We are love." She invites the listener to "Close your eyes and what you'll hear is soul, conviction, love and music that will make you feel better."

432Hz is the Natural Frequency, also known as Pythagorean tuning or Scientific Tuning. Musical note A tuned to 432hz is the original pitch since antiquity when Pythagoras determined the ratios of music scientifically and mathematically. It opens peoples' hearts and raises consciousness to invite love and well being. The main song 'Carpe Diem' brings deeper understanding of being in the present, seizing the day, thanks to F. Chopin's Prelude E-Minor (Op.28 No. 4) used as the intro.

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Barbra Angel is a San Diego, California-based world renown naturopath and creator of Tune & Heal (USA) and The Sound Academy (Europe). She is a songwriter, music producer, composer & singer, winner of the Hollywood International WIND Film Festival, Christian Film Festival (CFF), ISC, En Sound Music Awards and more. Barbra's songs and her exquisite vocal have been recognized throughout Europe and the USA. Barbra has performed as a solo artist and has taught her Tune & Heal method worldwide.

She’s also authored books in different languages: "Barbara’s Voice" (2003), "The Power of God’s Music" (2006), "Tuning Forks and Music Therapy in Sound Healing" (2004), "Tune&Heal" (2015) and "In-depth Cellular Music Therapy" (2017). Barbra’s CD consists of a variety of musical styles (World Fusion) that includes Jazz, Pop, Soul, R&B, Dance, Classical and Contemporary.

Track Listing:

Carpe Diem 432Hz (3:54)
Choices (7:15)
La Vida (3:42)
Love Yourself (4:57)
Love and Peace (3:46)
Everlasting Freedom (4:19)
Carpe Diem 432Hz [Club mix] (4:15)

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