CMM Ingenieria Updates Its Technology to Make Biodiesel Fuel at Low Cost in Farms and Small Business

Making biodiesel at low cost is possible with the SAVOIA BD JET batch process. Crude oil direct from screw presses and used cooked oil are used as a feedstock.

Bella Vista, Argentina, May 16, 2018 --( The SAVOIA BD JET multifeedstock technology, exported worldwide since 2003, was designed to produce quality biodiesel by means of a proprietary high temperature reaction.

It uses as a feedstock the crude oil produced by screw presses crushing seeds (soyabean, rapeseed, jatropha, sunflower) in farms, and/or used cooked oil (UCO) in towns.

The safe stainless steel BD2 & BD4 industrial processors are affordable units to produce, with low investment and simple operation, from 400 to 4000 Liter/day (10-100 GPD) in successive batches. The separation is by gravity settling, and is not mandatory to "wash" this methylester.

The innovative HT reaction turns 98-99% of the oil into biodiesel in one single step. No complex centrifuges, washing, nor electronics are used. One not skilled operator can manage each module. No maintenance needed.

The company also offers the BD2-G processor to turn the crude glycerin in 100% cattle feed, and the BD4-MG system to produce reusable biomethanol from the crude glycerin.

This biodiesel fuel is widely used in diesel engines and also formulated as ecologic coadjuvant (MSO), to reduce the qty of poisonous agrochemicals deployed in farms.
CMM Ingenieria
Carlos Munoz