CMM Ingenieria Introduces the Innovative W-2-E Plants Using No Sorted Municipal Solid Waste as Fuel

Updated and affordable technology to reach a complete disposal of the MSW "as collected in the streets," producing renewable energy from 15 to 1500kw each. No prior sorting needed. An innovative anti-pollution treatment allows to release innocuous fumes through a high stack.

Bella Vista, Argentina, May 16, 2018 --( This engineering company, involved in the recycling & renewable energy market since the 1997 year, is marketing now a well know technology, but updated for direct burning of Municipal Solid Waste with no pollution at all. These plants produce renewable energy with boilers and steam turbines.

All solid garbage is processed "as collected in the streets," without any prior classification, saving thus expensive machinery (sorter+shredder) and reducing the space needed to install it too. Landfills could now become in a nightmare of the past.

The disposal of garbage is complete, solving with advantages the historical big trouble of our modern civilization: what to do with the waste generated in the cities?

This updated technology features a full anti-pollution treatment of the fumes, before releasing them to the environment. The exhaust meets the international WHO air clean standards.

The scope of these renewable energy plants includes dryer+boiler+steam turbine+alternator, and is offered to produce from 15 up to 1500kw per unit.
CMM Ingenieria
Carlos Munoz