P3iD Cloud Introduces SecureScan for HP OXP-Enabled LaserJet and MFP Document Scanning Devices

P3iD Cloud SecureScan for HP OXP provides organizations with a consistent approach to easily and securely scan documents and leverage their investment in HP OXP-enabled devices.

Silicon Valley, CA, May 18, 2018 --(PR.com)-- P3iD Cloud introduces SecureScan™ for HP OXP, supporting HP OXP-enabled LaserJet and MFP document scanning devices. SecureScan™ for HP OXP is a software integration that directly integrates on the scanning devices front-panel which seamlessly connects to a collection of cloud-platform services, bringing additional value to HP LaserJet and MFP scanners.

Using HP OXP (Open Extensibility Platform) software developer tools, in conjunction with patent-pending technologies, P3iD Cloud created SecureScan™ for HP OXP which provides simplified user operation with one button document scanning advanced workflows. System Administrators or, given proper access, even users themselves can setup easy workflows using a comprehensive suite of P3iD Cloud microservices including natural language understanding, transitional, computer-vision or other subscription services.

P3iD Cloud SecureScan™ for HP OXP highlights:

· Scan documents from HP OXP-enabled devices to cloud services for business efficiency
· Seamless integrates with a collection of document transformation microservices including computer-vision, natural language understanding, translation and other services for intelligent documents
· SecureScan™ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides tangible cost savings to organizations
· As a smart IoT device with SecureScan Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, SecureScan™ for HP OXP transforms unstructured scanned images into structured metadata to feed valuable data to analytics applications

The Value Proposition of SecureScan™ for HP OXP:

With most MultiFunction Peripheral (MFP) devices the printing capability is generally the main functionality used, and the value of scanning documents is generally overlooked. Scanning documents to business workflows help drive organizational efficiency and business process innovation. The experienced P3iD Cloud team and ecosystem of partners, document scanning and document processing, are experts in extracting business value from scanning documents.

SecureScan™ for HP OXP creating structure and rich datasets:

Extracting metadata and providing structure to rich datasets from unstructured scanned images is a core value proposition which SecureScan™ for HP OXP brings to supported devices. Through a series of robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence microservices which feed applications for analytics, business dashboards or others to provide valuable business insight for smart decisions.

P3iD Cloud SecureScan™ for HP OXP provides organizations with a consistent approach to easily and securely scan documents and leverage their investment in HP OXP-enabled devices. For a complete list of supported devices please visit http://P3iDCloud.com/HPOXP.

More information about P3iD Cloud SecureScan™ for HP OXP:

For more information on P3iD Cloud SecureScan™ for HP OXP please visit http://P3iDCloud.com/HPOXP and subscription pricing is based specific feature and functionality configurations.

Ecosystem Partners for P3iD Cloud SecureScan™:

If you would like to consider becoming a P3iD Cloud SecureScan™ partner, whether technology, business or subject matter expertise related, then please visit http://p3idcloud.com/TC/

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