New Political Thriller by Bill Relf Serves Up Action, Political Intrigue

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a new political thriller that features unforgettable characters and actions that challenge the mind and tug at the heart. Bill Relf’s latest novel stars a man obsessed with discovering the people responsible for the deaths of his loved ones and why some mysterious unknowns are trying to kill him.

Pomona, CA, May 21, 2018 --( “Only a gun, or his grandfather’s request, will bring Cash to Colorado. The enraging memories, the gut-swirling nightmares, are returning.” Thus begins a new thriller by Bill Relf, released by Dog Ear Publishing, starring Cameron Ash, known as Cash. The nightmares that haunt him are the death of his wife and children in a mysterious plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean, and a plane explosion years earlier over Scotland that killed his parents.

Cash’s grandfather, a former spy who served as his mentor and is his only living relative, has asked him to save a friend’s failing company in Colorado. To do that he’ll need to wage war against a hostile board of directors, a union that doesn’t work and incompetent managers. He discovers both accounting fraud and industrial espionage run by a mysterious and deadly Middle Eastern assassin known only as Ghostman.

A controversial foreign policy recommendation by Cash for the American president triggers an assassination attempt against Cash. And that’s not his only problem. Cash’s former father-in-law, a political consultant in Washington, D.C., is playing a dangerous game and resents Cash. Even as Cash regains his life and finds love with an Israeli scientist and a former high school sweetheart, he faces constant peril. He buys a small, historic hotel to be his personal fortress.

“Thoughts of Empire” serves as a modern-day tour de force about the relationships between business, culture, politics and religion on the world stage. Cash’s allies will need to draw on all their skills to serve Cash in his quest for both answers and revenge, and to keep him alive.

The book is drawing rave reviews. “Brisk and entertaining, Thoughts of Empire brings to life a high stakes world filled with lethal threats, geopolitical conspiracies, and boardroom scheming,” writes Foreward Reviews.

Author Bill Relf, an entrepreneur, spent 25 years owning manufacturing and consulting businesses. He has degrees in economics and theology, an MBA and a PhD in international relations. His experience managing a congressional campaign gives him insights into the world of politics. He has taught entrepreneurship and international management in several universities.

He also wrote the novel “The Iranian Connection,” starring the same protagonist who is active in geopolitical intrigue and strategies for survival. He has lived in Asia and California.

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Thoughts of Empire
Bill Relf
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5784-2 526 pages $24.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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