Knoza Consulting Hits New Milestone

Knoza Consulting announced today that it now manages over 10,000 product listings for its clients.

Winter Park, FL, May 22, 2018 --( Knoza Consulting, a Winter Park, Florida company that enables brands to maximize their revenue on, announced today it had reached a new milestone. In less than four months, Knoza now manages over 10,000 product listings for its clients.

“Amazon is the most important e-commerce platform in the world,” said Adam Schwartz, founder and CEO of Knoza Consulting, “but successfully navigating Amazon is something that even large companies struggle with. We decided to focus solely on Amazon and build a team that can create, optimize, and manage a company’s listings on Amazon.”

Knoza has a three-step process for new and established clients.

Phase I is research: Knoza looks at a client’s product niche and what competitors are doing in that space.

Phase II is increase traffic to a client’s Amazon’s listings (“click-throughs”): Knoza optimizes a client’s product listings with the keywords uncovered in the initial phase. This will increase rankings on, thus driving more organic traffic.

Phase III is focused on increasing conversion rates: getting that new traffic to a client’s listing to actually buy the product.

Knoza offers 11 specific and distinct services to its clients. These range from ad management and competitor research to inventory management and unauthorized reseller eradication.

“It sounds so easy, but it is our team’s experience that makes us able to have such an immediate impact on revenue,” said Allen H. Kupetz, COO of Knoza Consulting. “We tell prospective clients that they could cut their own hair, but they don’t for a reason. They choose to let an expert do it instead. That is the Knoza model – let us handle your Amazon channel to allow you focus on continuing to develop great products that people want and need.”

Kupetz previously served as the executive-in-residence for the Rollins MBA (Crummer Graduate School of Business), the top-ranked MBA program in Florida. Schwartz earned his MBA at Crummer.

“I never expected to do the startup thing again,” added Kupetz. “But Knoza is proving to be a rocket ship and I’m excited to be on board.”

Knoza currently has 12 employees and expects to double its revenue by the end of the year.

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