Better Insurance Options Announces Release of a New Podcast

When comparing the cost of Medicare Advanage with Medigap, most people think Advantage is cheaper. Not so fast.

Philadelphia, PA, May 20, 2018 --( People entering Medicare must choose between Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, or remain with Original Medicare only. There is a tendency to make this decision based on monthly cost. Better Insurance Options has recently released a podcast entitled "Is Medicare Too Expensive?" which looks at a different way to make this important decision. Frank Sutter, Principal at Better Insurance Options, explains.

"It is very true that Medicare Advantage provides a lower monthly premium, this is almost always true," said Sutter. "But the thing that must not be forgotten is that health problems happen eventually for all of us, and when that happens, it's important to have the best coverage. If you don't, you will end up paying a lot for services that become more and more necessary." In short, this Podcast recomends making the decision based on the prospect of increasing medical bills.

The podcast is brief, at just under 6 minutes, 30 seconds, and explains, in a bite-sized hunk, some concepts that might be important in making this choice. Better Insurance Options serves the Senior Market and provides Medicare supplement products. Better Insurance Options is in the midst of a major informational outreact to the Senior Market, and has the aim of being regarded as a trusted source of information for Senior Insurance needs. You can listen to this Podcast here:

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About Better Insurance Options: Based in Philadelphia, Frank Sutter is licensed to protect clients in both Pennsylvania and Arkansas. Frank is most frequently commended by his supervisors, otherwise known as his clients, for his willing customer service and extensive product knowledge. Whenever Frank is not busy protecting these clients through his company, Better Insurance Options, you can find him making videos or blogging about insurance topics. You could say he's living the dream.
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