2021.AI Launches AI Platform APEX to Empower Businesses to Capitalize on AI

2021.AI, an emerging AI solutions provider, today announced the launch of the new website devoted to its APEX AI Platform and AI as a Service. 2021.AI mission is to help customers make their AI vision real through identifying innovative business opportunities in key processes and functions. 2021.AI’s core areas of expertise include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and AI advisory services. APEX Platform and AI as a Service are the company’s leading assets.

Copenhagen, Denmark, May 29, 2018 --(PR.com)-- APEX Platform is designed to improve business productivity across organizations and industries, where positive customer experience (CX), new business value and cost-effectiveness is a concern. Management teams of many organisations in banking, insurance, utilities, manufacturing, and other sectors experience pressure in a dynamic landscape. As AI and other renaissance technologies continue to work their way into business, leaders aim to leverage these to provide an integrated and highly personalized customer experience, decrease effort and capital going into operating legacy processes, and rebalance their product and service portfolios.

2021.AI’s solutions and cross-industry expertise enables its customers to outgrow competitors and create competitive advantages. The company offers solutions tailored to its clients’ specific needs. The 2021.AI’s broad experience with real world use cases helps its customers solve industry specific problems in various application areas such as churn prediction, credit scoring, financial fraud detection and many other.

APEX Platform is a bridge connecting robust AI strategy and execution
2021.AI brings a new paradigm to AI platform architecture, delivering enhanced data science and machine learning capabilities. A comprehensive set of embedded data science tools and open source frameworks enable to run ML algorithm and model development in a single workflow. This approach ensures data security and integrity, saves weeks of teamwork and enhances the productivity of data science teams.

The AI Platform architecture is designed to address the data governance and security challenges, that increased complexity and growing amount of data will bring. APEX Platform helps overcome traditional restraints in a cost-effective manner. APEX Platform delivers extended capabilities for deploying cloud and on-premise data storage, enhanced processing power, unconstrained scalability and flexibility.

APEX Platform allows SMB through enterprise-grade customers to revolutionize their ability to create accurate, ready-to-go models through comprehensive AI and ML means and bring AI projects into production in a short timeframe.

AI as a Service
2021.AI helps bridge the gap between AI ambitions and customers’ capability to bring AI projects to production. Developing, utilizing, and expanding the full potential of AI is complex. They offer organizations smooth and secure implementation and adaptation of AI. AI as a Service from 2021.AI ensures your organization resilience and robustness, while removing single points of failures. 2021.AI helps clients on the entire AI journey - from defining the first use cases to developing machine learning models, through implementation and support in production.

White Labeling
2021.AI offers other technology and management consulting companies to white label the APEX Platform. The mission of 2021.AI’s white label offering is to enable others to leverage the power of AI , leaving the development and maintenance of these renaissance technologies to 2021 AI. White labeling allow 2021.AI’s customers and partners to remain focused on their core business functions, while the company delivers the underlying AI technology.

Management Commentary
"As the APEX Platform is gaining traction, we see more customers across the world show genuine interest in collaborating with 2021.AI. We have re-launched our website in order to deliver powerful and clear insights of 2021.AI offerings, and how successful AI implementation can be translated into tangible business values in months," Mikael Munck, CEO and founder of 2021.AI, says. "As our core audience includes C-Suite executives, data scientists and IT professionals, the new website is the best source of information for our potential customers. They can skim or take a deep dive into APEX, AIaaS and best practices implementations of AI. We believe that every organization can benefit from AI and ML technologies and that. 2021.AI is the company to accelerate their AI success.”

About 2021.AI

2021.AI is an AI solutions provider delivering the APEX Platform and AIaaS to produce transformative innovation for customers across industries. The APEX Platform is available in three editions: APEX Go, APEX Front, and APEX Enterprise. AI technologies, practical data science implementations and business development expertise are the core competence of the company. 2021.AI client base includes over 30 industry leaders in the banking, insurance, utilities and other sectors across Europe, the Middle East and US. Headquartered in Copenhagen, 2021.AI has 4 offices with over 60 employees. R&D centers are located across Europe and India.
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