The Danish Insurance Company, GF Forsikring, Positions to Take the Lead with AI, Scaling Their Data Science Team and AI Initiatives Supported by 2021.AI

2021.AI is working with GF Forsikring, a leading Danish insurance provider, to deliver an AI platform to support GF Forsikring’s AI strategy to provide new and improved services to their members. The first AI model is ready to go into production in Q1 2021. - March 31, 2021

2021.AI’s Grace AI Platform Will Deliver Real-Time Insights and Recommendations in the Fight Against COVID-19

In a partnership with Dutch Artificial Intelligence software company, SemLab and health experts & doctors at Radboud University Medical Centre, 2021.AI will provide up-to-date actionable insights into the spread of COVID-19. It will be used across the EU and is delivered through 2021.AI's Grace Enterprise AI platform, leveraging sentiment- and data modeling from SemLab and validation by the Radboud University. - March 10, 2021

Blockshipping and 2021.AI Join Forces to Drive Efficiencies in the Global Container Shipping Industry with Artificial Intelligence

The partnership between Blockshipping and 2021.AI will help overcome a 40-year old industry challenge. Using AI, the two companies will materially improve operational efficiency for marine container terminals while reducing the CO2 footprint for the shipping industry. - February 27, 2021

Velliv Begins Collaboration with the Danish AI Company,, to Secure a Leading Position Within AI Governance

The pension fund, Velliv, has entered into a collaboration and partnership with 2021.AI to implement the EU’s Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy AI model development on 2021.AI’s Grace AI platform. - May 16, 2020

2021.AI Opens Up the Grace Data and AI Platform to Accelerate the Response to COVID-19

In the wake of the global spread of COVID-19, it is important more than ever before to develop solutions to fight the virus and related crisis problems. To foster collaboration and share knowledge, 2021.AI now offers free access to the Data- and AI platform, Grace. - April 04, 2020

Japan-Based Edge Consulting and 2021.AI Team Up to Deliver the Next-Generation AI Platform for the Japanese Market

Today, the Danish based AI company 2021.AI announced that they are partnering with Edge Consulting Co. Ltd., a true pioneer within AI development in Japan, who can boast a solid track record of deep learning implementations. Together the two companies will deliver a Japanese version of 2021.AI’s Grace AI platform which will be called “Edge Algo Platform.” The partnership has high set ambitions to make Edge Algo Platform the leading AI platform in Japan for data scientists’ model development. - September 06, 2019

Calypso and 2021.AI Team Up to Leverage AI in Financial Institutions

Calypso Technology Inc. and 2021.AI are joining forces in a new partnership with the aim of optimizing back-office processes for Calypso’s global client base. Combining their distinctive competencies by delivering state-of-the-art AI models and with access to 2021.AI’s Grace AI platform, Calypso continues to offer the best solutions to their clients while remaining at the forefront of the latest technologies. - August 14, 2019

2021.AI Announces Partnership with Google Cloud to Deliver AI Technology for Enterprises

2021.AI, the enterprise AI technology provider, today announced collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate adoption of AI solutions at scale for enterprise customers. As part of this collaboration, 2021.AI will work with Google Cloud to create new solutions empowering any organization to adopt advanced AI technologies and cloud solutions. - October 08, 2018

Consafe Logistics and 2021.AI Team Up to Help Customers be More Predictive and Proactive

Consafe Logistics, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Warehousing Solutions, is now investing in several areas to help its customers be at the forefront of machine learning to increase efficiency while reducing costs. - September 11, 2018

2021.AI, the AI Technology Provider Unleashes Global Ambitions and Opens Offices in the UK and Sweden, and Engages Sales Partners in the US and Austria

2021.AI, the enterprise AI technology provider, today announced the opening of new offices and engaging sales partners in London, New York, Linz, and Lund. With this international expansion 2021.AI shows commitment to deliver its mission: “To bring Machine Learning to every corner of any organization across the globe,” 2021.AI helps its clients to unleash their AI ambitions to gain new insights and harvest new business value. - August 29, 2018

Geomatic Partners with a Leading AI Company, 2021.AI

Nordic companies looking to embrace artificial intelligence can now accelerate their journey with the help of the new partnership between the data and analytics house Geomatic and the experts in AI, 2021.AI. The combination of proprietary data blended with publicly available register data,... - August 23, 2018

2021.AI Announces Strategic Partnership with QVARTZ

2021.AI, the AI technology provider based in Copenhagen, and QVARTZ today announced a partnership. The companies have joined forces to deliver end-to-end advanced analytics projects powered by AI technology, offering companies a unique opportunity and solution to unlock their AI ambitions. 2021.AI is focusing on the practical implementation and lift-time support of AI across any business and organization powered by the APEX AI Platform. - July 20, 2018

2021.AI Launches AI Platform APEX to Empower Businesses to Capitalize on AI

2021.AI, an emerging AI solutions provider, today announced the launch of the new website devoted to its APEX AI Platform and AI as a Service. 2021.AI mission is to help customers make their AI vision real through identifying innovative business opportunities in key processes and functions. 2021.AI’s core areas of expertise include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and AI advisory services. APEX Platform and AI as a Service are the company’s leading assets. - May 29, 2018

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