ProductRenders Turns 13 with New Website and Even More Happy Clients

ProductRenders is still seen as the original 3D rendering company and many would say still the best. After almost 13 years in business, and with this milestone just around the corner, ProductRenders has redesigned their website to not only include a massive portfolio of work, showcasing 3D rendering styles including 3D packaging, 3D cosmetic and interior architectural renders along with a brand new FAQ section.

Auckland, New Zealand, May 30, 2018 --( Michael Currie, owner and MD stated, when asked how the last 13 years have been, "The industry has changed from when I first started creating 3D photo-realistic images. Now anyone can pick up a 3D application and try to use it. Luckily for me and my team, we have years of experience and knowledge that you can't learn from YouTube. Crumbs, when I first started, YouTube didn't even exist.

"Product Renders is, I believe, still the only true 3D rendering company that specialises in 3D still product images. Many of the other companies out there have real difficulties trying to match our quality and realism. We believe that we are different from other 3D rendering companies as we have in-depth real-world experience of working in the design/advertising, photographic and marketing industries, not many 3D rendering companies (if any) have this knowledge or experience. It might sound like a simple thing but having experience in both print, TV and web content creation makes us different. We know how to create print-ready artwork for that packaging range, we know how to make perfect web optimised images, we know the difference between CMYK and RGB... All these things (and many others) simply make our renders look better, our passion and knowledge produce results that are both convincing and compelling. After all, little details can make a big difference."

ProductRenders is based in Auckland, New Zealand and this is a real advantage over their competitors. Not only by having a very competitive exchange rate but they are the first major city and country to see the new day. They can take a brief on a job before their international clients go home in the evening and when they come into work the next day, the job can be complete.

ProductRenders offers competitive pricing and quick turn-around times on their full range of 3D rendering services. Contact Michael and his team via their website, they promise not to bite -
Michael Currie
+64 21882619