321 Web Marketing Releases Blog Discussing Value of Local SEO

321 Web Marketing, a Northern Virginia digital marketing firm, released a blog discussing how local SEO campaigns can help businesses increase their visibility and customer base within the surrounding area.

Fairfax, VA, June 06, 2018 --(PR.com)-- 321 Web Marketing, a Northern Virginia digital marketing firm, recently published a blog post outlining the benefits of local SEO campaigns. SEO, or search engine optimization, uses strategic keywords, links, and descriptive text to make websites easier for search engines to locate and cause them to appear higher in search results. Local SEO uses the same techniques to focus on increasing web traffic from a particular geographic area, typically the area immediately surrounding a small business or other company seeking to connect with customers in a certain region.

Broad SEO campaigns from national firms are not always effective. While these campaigns may attract potential customers from across the world, many businesses feel that their most significant customer base resides nearby and prefer to focus on their own geographic area. National firms may not understand this area or the unique needs of the business and its customer base, resulting in a one-size-fits-all campaign that does not accurately target the correct customer type. Businesses therefore see fewer relevant website visitors, a lower customer conversion rate, and less growth than they had expected from their marketing plan.

321 Web Marketing is a Northern Virginia digital marketing firm that specializes in local SEO campaigns designed to reach a targeted customer base within the Northern Virginia area. Strategies that include local SEO marketing provide higher visibility within a company's region, higher rankings for keywords they have chosen in that area, and a smoother transition to a national campaign, should they choose to pursue one in the future. As a result, local SEO campaigns typically produce a higher amount of applicable site visitors and increased customer conversion rates, allowing businesses to expand and differentiate themselves from local competition more quickly than through the use of a national marketing firm. 321 Web Marketing's campaigns are designed to attract pertinent customers within a client's local market within six months.

Businesses who are interested learning more or structuring their own local SEO campaign can call 321 Web Design directly at 703-810-7557 or request more information at https://www.321webmarketing.com/. 321 Web Marketing is headquartered at 3925 Old Lee Highway, Suite 53-C, Fairfax, VA 22030 and serves clients within the Northern Virginia area.
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