ConferencePlatform Enters Collaboration Market with Innovative Product and Unique Commercial Model Aimed at SMEs

London, United Kingdom, June 08, 2018 --( ConferencePlatform, an independent UK-based provider of online meeting tools, has released an innovative new commercial-grade online meeting platform targeted at small- to medium-sized organisations. The flexible, all-inclusive service is available now to those looking for high-quality and professional online conferencing services, without the long-term contracts and high fixed costs that have historically been part of the package.

“The rise of online meeting tools has revolutionised the modern business landscape. However, commercial-grade, professional online meeting tools and services are rarely designed with the unique operating requirements of the small to mid-business owner in mind,” said Dominic Rumsey, Managing Director of ConferencePlatform.

“Audio, web, and video conferencing solutions have enabled large businesses around the world to significantly boost productivity, while reducing expenses associated with travelling and hosting meetings. At the same time, fixed pricing structures and long contract terms, have placed these tools firmly out of reach for many smaller businesses looking for similar functionality,” added Rumsey.

According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), smaller businesses make up approximately 60 percent of all private sector employment in the UK. However, these businesses often face significant financial and logistical hurdles when attempting to adopt innovative new technology. State-of-the-art communication technology can bring valuable commercial benefits to organisations of any size in a modern global economy.

ConferencePlatform enables users to share reliable voice, HD video and desktop instantly from any device and customers can also take advantage of unlimited international telephone numbers, all with no contract commitment or cost variation. The solution offers a download free experience and integrates with existing video conferencing room systems. The professional online meeting platform comes with a completely flexible agreement and pricing structure specifically designed to appeal to smaller businesses and make the adoption of new technologies more palatable.

One simple price and automatic discounts means ConferencePlatform can help deliver budget stability and cost savings. Additionally, no minimum contract terms, with an easy cancellation policy, brings the large-scale business advantages of high-quality online meetings to the SME market. Such an all-in-one service allows organisations to consolidate their individual video, audio and web-based communication services into one simple, cost-effective package.

The importance of hosting a high-quality online meeting is key when presenting to a potentially new or existing client. A professionally branded and guaranteed reliable meeting service ensures the company is presented in the very best light possible. With no need to pay expensive travel costs, virtual meetings offer huge cost savings and a competitive advantage to early adopters. They save precious time for all parties and avoid the need to coordinate multiple travel schedules to make a meeting happen. All participants can simply hop online and get straight to business. In particular, small businesses can patch in staff, clients and vendors from anywhere in the world to collaborate, regardless of where they are based or what device they are using.

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About ConferencePlatform

ConferencePlatform is an independent organisation with a focus on providing flexible and innovative collaboration services to users. ConferencePlatform believes customers should be free from restrictive contracts and able to choose dynamic agreements that discount automatically and scale with their business. The service is simple to set up and customers can add and remove users as they wish, only paying for the accounts that are open. Subscriptions opened via the site can be cancelled at any time without penalty.
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