Tanzania-Based Electrical Contracting Company Regulates Compliance Using MyEasyISO

Valley Cottage, NY, June 22, 2018 --(PR.com)-- With the rapidly changing competitive market and growing regulatory environment, organizations nowadays are facing a rising demand to comply with a massive number of regulations. These new demands forced Tanzania-based electrical contracting companies to focus on the adequacy of the structures they have in place to cope with the growing volume and complexity of regulatory change. Soon the company realized that they had to look for new ways to ensure compliance. Implementing an effective QMS software that abides by various ISO standards was the only key solution to address their challenges.

With an exhaustive competitive evaluation and selection process for the right quality management software, the company chose to adopt MyEasyISO QMS software to automate and improve its quality management processes. An online demonstration of MyEasyISO and a one-month free trial gave them the chance to learn the tool's features in more detail and help them gain insight about how the tool would fit into their existing business operations.

MyEasyISO offers a unique and comprehensive software solution for quality management that meets the demanding needs of various global regulations. It’s a one-stop solution covering the full spectrum of quality processes such as Document Management, Change Control, Risk Management, Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA), Non-Conformance, Customer Complaints, Internal Audits and many more. Its online collaboration capabilities enhances leadership involvement, increases employee engagement and facilitates Evidence-Based Decision-Making within the organization.

It helps gain greater visibility of data through its powerful analytics and real-time dashboards. Since the quality management software may store highly proprietary information, MyEasyISO also offers a high level of data protection and information security with its industry-leading security framework and strong role-based access model.

“Our mission is to help organizations achieve their quality, health, safety, and environment management goals, by providing them with a centralized software and tools to control and manage their data and processes,” said Shanker.D, Director of Effivity Technologies.

The use of MyEasyISO has brought in the number of benefits within the organization’s eco system:

· Simplifies compliance procedures, streamlines processes and reduces administrative overhead.
· Documented information is available anytime and anywhere to various users as per defined access control rights.
· Effective management of risks and prevention of risk recurrence helps in the reduction of quality costs.
· Boosts Employee Engagement with effective Internal communication.
· Automated alerts and notifications enables timely tracking of tasks and keeps the stakeholders updated of any changes.
· Reporting tools with drill-down capability gives faster access to data and helps to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Thus by implementing MyEasyISO, electrical contracting company has demonstrated its commitment to focus on its customers and driving continual improvement into their processes.

About MyEasyISO

MyEasyISO is the world’s premier provider of cloud and on premise Quality, Environment, Health, and safety management software. This state-of-the-art QHSE software solution offers 100% compliance to various standards like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 1400:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and brings in a unique approach to manage and optimize ISO compliance in a simple, easy, value adding and cost-effective manner.

MyEasyISO QHSE management system is used by over more than 1000 companies worldwide, across many industries and businesses, such as aviation, energy, life sciences, healthcare, transport, manufacturing, government, construction and many more.

MyEasyISO offers you a free one month trial with no obligations so get yourself a complimentary subscription of MyEasyISO now by visiting www.myeasyiso.com.
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