Dr. Pam Gumbs is Named Top Female Professional in the Field of Pharmacy by the International Association of Who’s Who

Dr. Pam Gumbs, of Berkley, California is recognized by the International Assoc. of Who’s Who for exemplary achievements in the field of Pharmaceuticals.

Berkley, CA, June 13, 2018 --(PR.com)-- “Dr. Pam” Gumbs is something of a famous figure in her local area - a renowned pharmacist and people-person, easily identifiable by her New England accent.

She began her medical career in 1971, by moving from her native Massachusetts to San Francisco to attend the School of Pharmacy at the University of California and graduated with a Pharm.D. in 1975. She went on to a residency in geriatrics at the University of California San Francisco Geriatric Institute. During her time with the University of California, she was active in the Pharmacist Society of San Francisco.

Pam’s forty-plus years of experience in pharmaceuticals has seen her go on to specialize in the prescription of medications for asthma and other respiratory disorders, the provision of disease state management programs and in conducting drug examinations. Some way into her career, Pam decided that she could be putting her skills to a slightly different use. She explains:

“When I first graduated from UCSF School of Pharmacy, I found myself with the responsibility of teaching an over-the-counter drug class to first year pharmacy students, which is their first encounter with pharmacology and the clinical assessment of the patient. When the students inquired as to my opinion about the field of pharmacy, I likened it to the term ‘cutless surgery’: who does the consumer or patient come to with regards to the correction of a physical or physiological occurrence? A pharmacist with knowledge of clinical pharmacy can offer proper medication to correct these issues without having to enter the body.”

With this, Dr. Pam established United Pharmacy, an organization that provides pharmaceutical services in keeping with patients’ full medical history, with the aim of approaching every case as individual, and using pre-existing records to ensure that the treatment they receive will work best for the patients and avoid adverse reactions. As owner and CEO of United Pharmacy, Dr. Pam is responsible for company operations such as inventory, customer relations, consultation and recruitment. Although she provides consultation on all kinds of medications, she specializes in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Dr. Pam’s wide renown and professional nature sees her affiliated with a number of associations, including the Christian Pharmacists International Association, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, California Pharmacists Association, Board of Governors and the P&T Committee. She is also a former President of the Alameda County Pharmacy Association and Pharmacy Representative for Alameda Alliance Health Association. Dr. Pam was elected to the office of President for the ASCP California Chapter of Consultant Pharmacist 2018.

Outside of work, Pam enjoys golf, reading, writing, sewing, going to museums and seeing the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
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