Giftapart, an Innovative E-Commerce Startup, Announces the Hiring of Brittani Chirichella, VP of Business Development and Continues to Seek and Retain Ethical Retailers

Somerville, NJ, June 15, 2018 --( Giftapart Inc., the innovative tech startup that promises a revolution in e-commerce, has announced the hiring of Brittani Chirichella as Vice President of Business Development. Prior to joining Giftapart, Chirichella worked for Ralph Lauren for nearly seven years, most recently in Ralph Lauren’s Retail Development Division.

“We are very excited to have Brittani join our team. Giftapart is committed to hiring the best and the brightest, and we are super confident that Brittani will fit right in,” said Giftapart’s CEO Filipe Pedroso. Pedroso who has in the past said that Giftapart, previously known as Pedroso Ventures Inc., “will change the world,” continues to resonate this message. “There is no doubt that the methods of e-commerce that we will be introducing to the marketplace are incredibly innovative. We believe that Giftapart will simply be the best place on Earth for gifting, and the best way to shop,” added Pedroso.

Chirichella stated: “I’m excited to start this new challenge with Giftapart, and for all that the future holds for this company. I’m fortunate for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing project that the team has developed. I’m very confident that Giftapart will provide a true value to the retailer industry and the world will truly benefit from this amazing new platform. From the moment I first learned about this project, I wanted to be involved. I’m looking forward to being part of the team that is going to revolutionize gifting, and make e-commerce so much better!”

Chirichella has a Bachelor of Science in fashion textile management from North Carolina State University, College of Textiles, and a Master of Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business.

Pedroso commented: “Brittani will help build and grow our retailer business partnerships. Giftapart views retailers as our partners and friends. We were looking for someone with Brittani’s experience in retail, but also someone who shared in the strong ethical standards that we have at Giftapart. We will only work with established, ethical retailers. And we are an industry-leader when it comes to protecting retailers brand and brand identity.”

Deepak Kumar, the company’s first employee and current Director of Back-End Software Development, moved from London to work for Giftapart. Kumar said, “We have a track-record for attracting amazing talent and a large part of that is thanks to Filipe and his hiring process. With Brittany's drive and valuable experience working with reputable retailers, I think she is a great fit to our growing team.”

Kevyn Jaremko, a Summa Cum Laude graduate from NJIT, is Director of Front-End Software Development, and has also been with the company since it’s first line of code. Giftapart is currently in Alpha-phase, and Jaremko stated, “Brittani’s timing is perfect. We’ve been hard at work refining our UI (User Interface), and now we’re in another exciting phase as retailers start becoming our partners and joining the platform. This is a game-changing opportunity for retailers. Now with Brittani leading our business development, I’m sure retailers sign-up will increase even faster.”

Pedroso reinforced that retailers will benefit tremendously by joining the Giftapart platform and selling their brand products through Giftapart’s desktop, mobile and tablet versions. “For years now, the Internet has been viewed by retailers as a place where competition is rampant with unfair playing rules set by companies like Amazon. Well, that’s about to change. Giftapart’s propriety, unique, and fun ways to shop online will provide an industry-first, retailer-friendly place to increase customer loyalty and finally provide a fair playing field.”

Also, Pedroso feels confident that consumers are in need of an e-commerce marketplace that they can trust. “Trust is paramount to the Giftapart name. Trust not just with consumers, but with retailers, and all our users,” said Pedroso.

Pedroso added, “Just recently, a Business Insider article reported that an United States Government Accountability Office study revealed that the top online sellers sold a significant number of counterfeit. In one study, out of 47 products that were sold in these marketplaces, 20 were counterfeit. At Giftapart we believe that wide-open marketplaces that allow almost anyone under the sun to sell products cannot possibly prevent counterfeit products from being sold. The Giftapart brand will be recognized as a trustworthy place to shop. By only working with qualifying, ethical, established retailers, we can safeguard our brand, our consumers shopping experience, and provide a safe, ethical marketplace for our retailer partners.”

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