Ordyx POS Highlights Crucial Integration with Avero Inc.

Boca Raton, FL, June 24, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Ordyx is proud to highlight a direct integration with top-of-the-line restaurant management software company, Avero Inc. Ordyx and Avero both put a focus on improving restaurant efficiency and profitability and because of this, the idea of integration was seamless and proved to be imperative to the desired growth and success of both companies’ customers.

This integration with Avero provides Ordyx customers an efficient method of running their restaurants by analyzing the data collected by the Ordyx POS system and helping the customer make decisions based on the data. Mohammed Ahmed, a manager of The Salt Factory Pub—a customer of Ordyx said, “We love that with Avero we’re able to see sales info and other financials all in one place. The reports are easy to gather and have turned the management of numbers into a much smoother process.”

With the help of these many detailed analytics, Ordyx customers are able to enjoy many benefits which include:

• Faster & more effective management of sales

• Optimized workforce and reduction of largest expenses

• Improved server sales and enhanced guest experience

• Successful promotions and reduced voids to drive profits

• Stop fraud and deter theft to protect profits

• Improved productivity and communication

• Get above-store intelligence for internal benchmarking

About Ordyx
Ordyx is a state of the art hybrid point of sale system for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and wineries. Ordyx came about based on the idea that technology should be available to all. Whether it is the chain with hundreds of establishments or the mom and pop corner restaurant. In essence, they all need tools to help them understand their business, their services and products, and more importantly their customers.

About Avero Inc.
Avero is a hospitality management software created by restaurant operators for restaurant operators and is designed to enable more efficient and productive restaurant. Avero’s data analytic solutions help restaurants review their sales reports to quickly deliver long-term comparative data so that they can confidently forecast sales and costs. These sales reports help manage and ultimately improve your restaurant by measure many KPIs which assist with managing costs, eliminating waste, and enforcing tighter operational controls.
Coleman Howard