Cleure Lands Celebrity for Big Brothers Big Sisters Fund Raiser

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County (BBBVC), helps thousands of children find adult mentors during their crucial developing years. Like most non-profit organizations, BBBVC needs money to sustain their activities and to support their programs. For over twenty years, an annual golf tournament has been one important way to help raise funds. Pro Golfer Cory Pavin has been the past celebrity host, but due to other obligations, had to step aside as host.

Camarillo, CA, March 12, 2008 --( In stepped Cleure, a local Camarillo. California company. Their President Flora Stay, D.D.S., attended dental school with Lynn Swann's brother Dr. Brian Swann, and knew Lynn through his brother. A phone call from Dr. Stay and the pro football Hall of Famer great said yes for the upcoming 2008 fund raiser. Lynn has been on the the Board of Directors of the national Big Brothers Big Sisters since 1980, so when Dr. Stay asked, it was natural for him to agree to help. The tournament will be held at Saticoy Country Club on April 28. For more information contact BBBSVC at 805-484-2282.

Dr. Stay has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years and is also a faculty member at U.S.C., School of Dentistry, Dept. of Diagnostic Sciences. She and her husband Andy are the founders of Cleure (the name is a fusion of clean and pure), which is also located in Ventura County. The company develops safer personal care and cosmetic products and sells them through home gatherings called Health & Beauty Workshops. Dr. Stay explains, “Instead of placing our products on store shelves in fancy packaging with beautiful models enticing people to buy, we sell our products by educating consumers through small home gatherings, called Health & Beauty Workshops, on a grass roots level.”

“Educating consumers about the importance of safe ingredients in every day products such as deodorants, toothpaste, and other personal care and cosmetic products is one of our missions. Through Health & Beauty Workshops, Cleure helps women learn how to shop wisely. We feel informed consumers choose wisely. Our Health & Beauty Workshops are fun, yet informative”, says Dr. Stay.

She continues, “We’re also very involved in our community. My husband Andy has been on the BBBVC golf tournament’s board of directors for almost 20 years. We’re proud that we have customers and Associates that belong to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County. Not only are they using clean and pure personal care and cosmetic products, but they are also helping their organization. Up to 50 percent of sales from their supporters will be given back to BBBVC. It’s a total win-win situation.”

Flora Stay, D.D.S. offers a free e-book on their web site, Product Labels: a cautionary tale. The e-book helps readers understand many unknown facts about product labels. She also has a new book, Secret Gateway to Health, coming out in January to help consumers learn about the importance of oral medicine. For more information on the free e-book, call 888 883-4276 or visit them at .

Cleure (Fusion of Clean & Pure)
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