Pool Safety Invention Works to Lower Rate of Child Drownings

Grandma's Child Saver Keeps Kids Safe This Summer

Oldsmar, FL, July 01, 2018 --(PR.com)-- As the summer heats up and many are enjoying the chance to cool off in the pool, Grandma’s Child Saver is keeping children safe and out of the water when unsupervised.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 360,000 people died from drowning in 2015. Children ages one to four are at the highest risk of drowning. Enter the need for a way to keep children safe.

“We know [Grandma’s Child Saver] will save many lives,” Tony Naranjo said.
Grandma’s Child Saver is an invention that keeps small children from climbing a pool ladder and accessing the pool when unsupervised. It works by attaching smooth, flat, high-impact material to the ladder with Velcro straps and a padlocked chain, blocking the steps and making it virtually impossible for children to climb into the pool.

This life-saving innovation started from a simple scenario. While watching over his older grandchildren in his pool in July of 2011, Naranjo became concerned for the safety of Andre, his two-year-old grandson. Naranjo and his wife, Frances, were constantly preventing Andre from climbing the ladder of their pool in an attempt to join the other children.

“Grandma Frances or myself would catch [Andre] just in time to get him off the ladder with every attempt,” Naranjo said. “Grandma finally said, ‘You need to do something about that so he quits climbing the ladder. He may just try when we’re not around, and what will we do then?’”

Naranjo built a prototype of Grandma’s Child Saver in his garage. The original design included a plastic tote and some wire, but it was enough to do the trick. When his niece approached Naranjo with the idea of getting his design patented, Naranjo knew he had a chance to help keep more children safe. He decided to work with Source Direct, a product innovation organization, to professionally design, produce and market the Grandma's Child Saver.

“Like a lightbulb flashing on, the idea popped in my head, beginning the process of getting Grandma’s Child Saver into other homes,” Naranjo said. “And after much hard work and dedication, our only regret is the number of young lives lost before Grandma’s Child Saver became a reality.”

For more information on Grandma’s Child Saver, including purchasing information, follow the Grandma’s Child Saver Facebook page.
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Libby Jourdan