Poems Reflecting on Life, Loss, Experience of Time Wins Dog Ear Publishing's Award of Literary Excellence

“In the Slanted Light,” a new collection of poetry, has earned the Award of Literary Excellence from Dog Ear Publishing.

Arlington, TX, July 03, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Writing poetry is nothing new for Thomas Hooker, who has just published his third collection of poems. What is new is that his latest book, “In the Slanted Light,” has earned the Dog Ear Publishing Award of Literary Excellence.

“I felt honored and humbled,” Hooker said. “It was a great surprise and one that I’ll gladly accept.”

The poet attributed the award to the quality of imagery that he’s been able to convey through his words and prose in this latest book.

Dog Ear Publishing editor Peggy Everett agrees. “This is a lovely book. The author drew me into his imagery, rhythms and experiences,” she wrote in her recommendation. “So much beauty expressed in so few words.”

The company’s editorial team determines award winners. The distinction, which is awarded to very few books, comes after a recommendation from an editor. The recommendations are further reviewed by the managing editor, editorial services manager and the publisher.

His wife, Kristen, “thought it was cool” that his latest collection was recognized and called it a “happy surprise.” (Kristen, who has a master’s degree in English literature, is a writer herself.)

He plans to have some signing events this fall at bookstores in northern Michigan to promote the book. He and Kristen split their time between their homes in Fort Worth, Texas, and Northport, Mich.

Hooker described most of the poems in “In the Slanted Light” as “perspectives on the natural world, often metaphysical with reflections on life and how we experience time.”

Writing the books of poetry has been his focus since he retired. “The reason I probably write so much about nature is that I’m a retired geologist and chemist, and I love nature and the outdoors,” he said. “I’d love for my poetry to help open the reader to directly experience the presence and aesthetics of the natural world.”

His other books of poems are “Silent Woods: Beyond the Blue Door” and “The Catcher: Shadows to Light.” He also wrote “The Last Ice Age and the Leelanau Peninsula: Pleistocene and Lake Michigan.”

Hooker writes nearly every day and described his biggest challenge as “what to put in and what to leave out.”

He is drawn to that form of expression thanks to his decades of experience writing songs. “I’ve written over 300 songs over 40-plus years, and poetry is similar but also very different. Poetry is more freeing and less structured than songwriting, and so it gives me more flexibility in painting a picture.”

When writing songs, Hooker not only creates the lyrics but also the music. “I helped put myself through college playing little pubs in the Pennsylvania area. I’ve played down there quite a few times over the years,” he said.

His collection of instruments includes an electric guitar that he doesn’t play often and a number of old acoustics such as Gibsons, Martins and a cutaway Taylor, so he knows his way around playing a guitar.

“I do way more poetry (writing) than songwriting,” he said. “When you’re written that many songs, it’s all I can do to keep my favorite 100 polished up. But it’s just part of me at this point.”

He continues to write poetry every day, although he’s slowed down a bit since he’s written three books of poems. “I may not be quite as prolific, but there’s still stuff to write,” he said.

In the Slanted Light
Thomas Hooker
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6429-1 156 pages $14.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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